3ft Asda smart price Christmas tree now only 75p

3ft Asda smart price Christmas tree now only 75p

Found 22nd Dec 2010Made hot 23rd Dec 2010
Was at my local Asda today doing the xmas shopping and noticed that the 3ft Smart Price (in green and white box) xmas trees that had been listed on here as reduced to £1, were now only 75p... my Local at the Metro Centre had about 30 left in stock


I bought one of these in Canterbury - haven't unwrapped it yet, I got green there was also silver in the same large pile.

we bought this tree when it was £3 for the kids room. then went and bought another when they were £1 for someone else. great for the price and better than some much more expensive ones.

Wait till tommora and the'll be throwing 'em at ya

They were 25p in Motherwell store, got some for our santa sledge we took round the streets last nite giving the kids sweets and a visit from santa. Lights also reduced got rope ones for £4.97 and battery ones perfect for these trees for £2.50.

You reposted because of 25p difference?

My dad bought the homebase version for £2 two days ago, came with lights too, so you might want to check there and to be honest most major stores who will be discounting them.
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