3M Damage Free Hanging Hooks £3.50 each or 2 for £2 @ Asda

3M Damage Free Hanging Hooks £3.50 each or 2 for £2 @ Asda

Found 8th Mar 2011
Was looking for a some hooks today, preferably suction or sticky backed rather than screwed as they are only to hang some wireless headphones.

Saw these. Seemed horribly overpriced as a single unit but 2 for £2 seemed good value.
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Never tried these myself but was advised by woman on checkout in Homebase that they are brill, very strong. Worth a try at that price!
ive got these on my walls better then making holes, they are brill holds up my paintings with no problem
Not come across these before. Thanks for the post I'll look out for them.
This is a brilliant price! Thanks for the heads up, love these use them for all sorts. Posters, pictures, fire blanket in the kitchen, invisible hooks which are there all year ready for Christmas decorations, top spot OP!
I bought one for £3.50, then ..., sneakily went back in and bought another for the same price - no-one even noticed ! Crafty, eh ?
Any good on wallpaper?
2 for £4 online
Where exactly is this deal?
You might find those from Wilkinson's are better value and maybe better.We have them all over the place. We have some on the shower for individual face flannels, some on the inside of wardrobe doors for small items, we take one with us on trains to hang items from window that we might need on journey or hang damp coat. Just be adventurous where you stick'em !
How do they stick?
The 3M ones have a sticky foam pad that you use. They are NOT like the sticky hooks of yester-year though, when you want to remove these you pull the tab connected to the bottom foam pad and they seem to come away cleanly without damage. I believe you can also buy replacement foam pads.

2 for £4 onlineWhere exactly is this deal?

Do a search for 'hanging hooks' and they come up.


Do a search for 'hanging hooks' and they come up.

I too can only see 2 for £4 so maybe this is an instore only offer?
I will be looking out for some today.
Oops sorry, yeah says £4, not £2.
Maybe that's the deal - £4 tor two, instead of £7.
These are doing a great job of holding up a makeshift shift supporting my kinect on the wall. Very sturdy. Recommended.

2 for £4.00
These are excellent. They are holding up prints on the wall in our playroom. One at the top and one at the bottom, no need for holes in the wall. Highly recommended, but don't think I'd risk with wallpaper unless it was a strong vinyl one.

2 for £4 in Colchester


2 for £2 in Kings Heath Birmingham. They had the red labels so I presume … 2 for £2 in Kings Heath Birmingham. They had the red labels so I presume it wasn't store specific.I did put it in the category 'Instore Deals'I went through self service and paid what the deal stated.

2 for £4 in Colchester
thanks, will keep a look-out
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