3pk Ice Fountains (Cake Sparklers) 20p @ Sainsburys Instore

3pk Ice Fountains (Cake Sparklers) 20p @ Sainsburys Instore

Found 16th Jan 2013
Looks like a large candle, you stick the spike into a cake, and light it! It goes off like a sparkler, but a bit more energetic. Packs of three for 20p at Sainsbury's Gloucester Quays store.
Likely to be store specific, and goodness knows where these have come from, because I didn't see them in the store at Christmas time, nor in the clearance with the wrapping paper etc.
Almost half a shelf left this morning, so that's a lot of packs.
Hope it helps someone :-)
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these are great , I get them all the time
We love these. Used on numerous birthday cakes and children love them every time.
where abouts are they located in the store please ?
I believe they are with napkins and paper tableware
I'm Gloucester, they usually have clearance goodies on the ends of the aisles in the clothes/ toys / electronics section. I don't think these have a specific department - just wherever they've put their Christmas sale stuff I would guess.
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