3rd & Bird Christmas DVD just 99p @ Bee.com plus other GIFT offers!!

3rd & Bird Christmas DVD just 99p @ Bee.com plus other GIFT offers!!

Found 27th Nov 2011
Hi - Just got this 3rd & Bird DVD on Bee as my DGS loves 3rd & Bird & I love the theme song! ;-)

Nice its a Christmas special too & its 1 hr 26 mins long!! ( 8 episodes )

There are other FAB kiddies DVD offers available from 85p which I will list below :-)

Plus some fun and fab adult gifts too from £1.49!!

Free delivery across the site

Don't forget 6% Quidco as well!
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There are these as well but HURRY are going OOS very quickly and disappear out of your basket sometimes! ;

The Oz Kids - Little Wizard Stories 85p ; bee.com/dvd…es/

Horrid Henry Fun Run 99p ; bee.com/dvd…un/

Ben 10 The Secret Of The Omnitrix 99p ; bee.com/dvd…-1/

Fifi & The Flowertots Fifi's Snowy Fun £1.49 ; bee.com/dvd…un/

The Wiggles Magical Adventure with carry case £1.49 ; bee.com/dvd…se/

Barney Happy , Mad , Silly , Sad with carry case £1.49 ; bee.com/dvd…ck/

Barney Lets Play School with carry case £1.99 ; bee.com/dvd…se/

Brum Kitten Rescue £1.99 ; bee.com/dvd…-1/

Disney Christmas Favourites £1.99 ; bee.com/dvd…es/

Tweenies Colours Are Magic £1.99 ; bee.com/dvd…ic/

Thomas & Friends Christmas Express £2.49 ; bee.com/dvd…ss/

Hello Kitty's Paradise Making Cookies & 4 other stories £2.99 ; bee.com/dvd…es/

Plus other Ben 10 & Dora @ good prices!!!

I got The Pursuit of Happyness for £1.99 as its one of my fave films but is OOS now & I also got Disney Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Time for £1.99 which is OOS now too!

( And got the 3rd & Bird of course and the Oz Kids one as I couldn't resist the price .... They had The Snow Queen for 16p or something mad like that but it was OOS of course! )
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These A5 JOURNALS aren't bad either for £1.49 as most of them are a fiver!!!

Star Wars ; bee.com/gad…al/

This one is £1.99 - Stig Top Gear ; bee.com/gad…ig/

Boxed Wizard of Oz mug £1.49 ; bee.com/gad…rs/

Or the Ruby Slippers mug £1.49 ; bee.com/gad…rs/

Superman coasters £1.49 ; bee.com/gad…an/

Wizard of Oz compact mirror £1.99 ; bee.com/gad…oz/

Ez Botop one handed bottle opener £1.49 ; bee.com/gad…er/

GIANT Dr Who mug £2.49 ; bee.com/gad…ek/

Dr Who set of 2 retro glasses £2.99 ; bee.com/gad…ho/

Cat lover mug £2.49 ; bee.com/gad…ug/

Dog lover mug £1.99 ; bee.com/gad…er/

Funky Dude mug £1.99 ; bee.com/gad…de/

Batman Joker metal keyring £1.49 ; bee.com/gad…er/

Dr Who money box £1.49 ; bee.com/gad…ho/

Tin carry tote Batman Joker £2.99 ; bee.com/gad…er/

Or Star Wars £2.49 ; bee.com/gad…it/

Wonder Woman waste paper bin £4.49 ; bee.com/gad…an/

Star Trek wallet £4.99 ; bee.com/gad…it/

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Disney Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Time BACK IN STOCK! ; bee.com/dvd…me/
thank-you knew there was a reason for getting up sooo early apart from the toddler lol
Ordered a few bits. Heat added =)
ordered some dvds thanks:3
thanks ordered!
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog Playpennies!

the little man will love this, thanks
there should be a prize for successfully putting this in your basket and checking out before the things go outta stock
Got some star trek stuff good spot OP many thanks for the list.
Great spot ....ordered!
ordered tropic thunder nearly 2 weeks ago still no sighn,s h i t company
Got a few bits for kids
Be warned this has to be one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with.
AWAITING AN ORDER? then you may as well forget it. The excuse I got for an order placed over 2 wks ago was they were having tech problems processing payments & were trying to deal with a backlog. I found out on a forum that someone placed an order a week after mine had received their order ok. When I queried this with Bee I was told they were processing new orders straight away & that my item had now gone out of stock!
Having done some googling it looks like this company mess up orders all the time, don't dispatch quickly despite their website stating they do & sell items as new but in fact are repackaged 2nd hand goods.
I don't know how they can get away with this shoddy service???
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I've used them before & they were fine & in fact my 3rd & Bird DVD arrived TODAY so extremely quickly!!!

You definitely slipped through the net & they have def mucked up your order , but I would probably still order through them again tbh!
Would be useful for HUKD to have a blacklist of companies - as Bee are selling 'new' games in sealed packaging - inside the case cover scratched, game badly scratched and not working. And they are using HUKD for free advertising,
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I am happy with my order , was so busy over Christmas we never got to watch this DVD but watched it with my Grandson yesterday and HE LOVED IT!!!

Its actually sooooo cute , nice story and LONG so keeps them occupied and happy for ages! lol x
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