3rd Rock From The Sun Complete 18 Disc Collection £30.49 Delivered!
3rd Rock From The Sun Complete 18 Disc Collection £30.49 Delivered!

3rd Rock From The Sun Complete 18 Disc Collection £30.49 Delivered!

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This 18 Disc 3rd Rock From The Sun Complete DVD Box Set contains all the series and episodes from the popular TV series. It's £30.49 including delivery...

Starring: John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jane Curtin and many more...

Synopsis from Movie Data Base: A group of aliens have come to Earth to learn about its population, customs, etc. To avoid detection, they have taken on human form which gives them human emotions, physical needs etc. WITHOUT the understanding of what they mean or the inhibitions normally present in humans. Their leader takes the position of a college professor, their military expert as his sister, their intelligence expert, supposedly oldest of group takes form of his teenage son. The uninhibited reactions turn everyday events into unusual situations


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why is this not hotter?

great series, got this for £29.99 myself from DHE a few months ago andits a top series - amazon have done well to sell for that price.

and sally soloman - miaow!!

Super hot hot price, thanks A+.:thumbsup:

hot price but gonna leave it

Great spot Rayman, i won't be taking advantage of this deal but i've watched it on TV on several occasions and i have occasionally found it to be funny.

At this price, any fan should definately buy it.

Ordered, cheers OP. Very funny show.
Voted Hot.

Oooh Ray, don't tempt me!

Even better with amazon rental 10% off/ NUSextra 5%

Had to be done. Thanks Rayman! Hot.

Good spot Ray.....great show....:)


Great price ray :thumbsup:

Thats my Dad's birthday present sorted, thank you! :thumbsup:

Awesome show, started to go downhill towards the end though so they finished it off just at the right time I think. The ending could have been better but overall and especially the first lot of series were excellent. ^_^

Up to £40.97 now.

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Thanks for the price update little ern and the feedback guys

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Back down to £30.49 delivered!

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Thanks for the reminder this is still available macdoona

down again.


Thanks ray and dantoe
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