4 2l bottles of coke or diet coke for 4 pound

4 2l bottles of coke or diet coke for 4 pound

Found 22nd Jun 2007
hi at the asda store in rotherham they are currently sellin 4 bottles of 2 litre coke for four pound or you can get 2 1.5l bottles for 2 pound


They're doing 2 2litre bottles of Coke for £1.50, so BOGOF at my local Co-op

My local londis/ sparr type shop have 2l bottles of certain popular brands for 75p each.. better deal by far.. seeing as you don't need 4big bottles stuck in your fridge!

I bought bottles of Pepsi 2l at £1.36 BOGOF today. So if you aren't attached to one particular Cola ....

21p at my local tesco, ahhh refreshing

oh and tesco also doing 2 for £2 on 2 litre coca-cola bottles (cherry,diet,etc)

Thanks for the effort of posting the deal :thumbsup:

Coke is normally on offer though.

Welcome to HDUK!

Voted colder than the coke lol

Asda are doing the 6-packs of pepsi, 3 for 3 squid, take it one step further (if you have a Mrs who drinks as much as mine does) and order 20 cases for £49, add any £1 item to make it up to £50, the multisaves take it down to £20 and you can use a £10 off £50 spend, so paying £10 + delivery = £13.25 for 20 packs of 6,120 cans!!!, around 11p per can... not bad delivered to your door!!

asda site wont let you add more than 4 of each variety so even using all you only get 12 packs
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