4 additional HDMI ports Auto Mini Switch for £30.22 delivered
4 additional HDMI ports Auto Mini Switch for £30.22 delivered

4 additional HDMI ports Auto Mini Switch for £30.22 delivered

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Bought one of these a couple of weeks ago to try it out before posting.

Having a TV with two HDMI ports was never likely to be enough, and rapidly one ends up needing one or two more. I've been shocked at the prices for additional ports and didn't want a push-button, or even a remote to switch, but this one automatically switches to the unit that has been turned on. Brilliant solution !

Saw this tagged at the bottom of an email and went for it. It has worked flawlessly - great purchase.

The details read :

Many HD Ready Plasma and LCD TVs only have one or two High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) input connections. HDMI is however also used on high-definition components, up-converting DVD players, HD cable/satellite boxes, entertainment computers, games consoles (Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 Elite), & Blu-ray / HD-DVD players. The problem therefore caused is that all of these devices each have an HDMI output and the HDTV has only one, or possibly two, HDMI inputs.

The 1080p HD Junction mini switcher lets you connect multiple HD sources into one HDMI input on your HDTV. Selection of the source devices is done automatically by the HD Junction which detects and switches to the input device that is on and so no remote control is required.

It is compliant with HDMI 1.3 and HDCP and so it can handle the heavy bandwidth use of 1080p or True HD signals and HD broadcasts without any degradation in the signal to your HDTV.

The HD Junction is palm size, which allows you to tuck it away neatly behind your other HD devices and forget about it!

Just simply connect all your high definition devices to your HDTV with the HD Junction, sit back, relax and just enjoy the1080p True HD experience!

* Multiple HDMI input /1 way output HDMI allows you to connect multiple HD sources like a HD set top box, HDMI DVD player and a HD games console to your HDTV.

* Intelligent sensing system allows automatic detection and switching to the input source that is on. No remote control is therefore required

* Signal enhancement circuitry to maintain signal quality over cable distances up to 15m

* Compact size Only 5.5cm x 11cm - about the size of your palm

* 24k gold-plated connector ports

* Supports output resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080i and1080p.

* Compliant to HDMI v1.3 and HDCP v1.2. So it can handle the heaviest of bandwidth requirements such as 1080p image resolution, 36 bit deep colour, 7.1 sound and DTS-HD

* Manual switching of the input port source is also available for older, non-standard HDMI devices

* Self-powering and so an AC adapter is not required

* Now with a software upgrade to increase compatibility with systems that consist of one or more non-standard HDMI devices. Due to the non-standard HDMI of early HD devices, no HDMI switch is 100% compatible with all possible HD setups. However, the HD Junction has now undergone a software to ensure that it can handle even the oldest of HDMI setups.


I'm gonna have to get one of these,

I've had three of these - all of which have had to be returned, all three ebuyer tested and found to be faulty.
Maybe I was really, really unlucky, it's a shame as, on paper, they seem ideal.
If you buy one and yours is faulty when you've returned it, check that ebuyer have refunded your postage - in all three cases I had to check and then send a reminder as they had failed to do so.
These units might need an external 5v psu and the instructions say as such, though they're hopeful that it'll work without one. When my first hdmi switch failed to work I assumed that I'd need the psu, bought one, and found the switch was still faulty as was the second and the third. Of course, now that I've returned the switches, I'm left with a psu that I don't need!
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