4 and 5* Hotels for £5 @ Lastminute.com
4 and 5* Hotels for £5 @ Lastminute.com

4 and 5* Hotels for £5 @ Lastminute.com

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£5 Hotel Rooms

** Update - Congratulations to all those who have booked a room so far, well done!

We will continue to release the rooms at 10am, noon, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 6pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

If you miss out, please come back and try again.

Online only

We’ve teamed up with four of our favourite 4-star & 5-star Top Secret® hotels in London to give you the very best deal but the offer is so exclusive we are keeping the hotels name under wraps until after you book.

From 28th November until 6pm 1st December, we are releasing 746 hotel rooms at £5! The rooms will be released in batches throughout Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so be quick! More details can be found in the terms and conditions.

These £5 rooms are available for stays between 4th December 2014 and 1st February 2015.

One booking per person and names cannot be changed.

Please amend title to @lastminute.com
- burdybabe


Why cold?

Dont belive there are any rooms.

Tried all 4 hotels with 20 random dates, could not find a single date.

It's a con ........

same here poor marketing me thinks

Totally agree. I even called and asked their advisor to search and he couldn't find a single room in any of the four hotels over a two month period. He said they were only releasing 20 per time slot. If it is genuine it's an impossible system to find the right combination of variables on the site. Not worth the effort.

have to agree on this one. have tried multiple times, and also by the looks of it similar feedback on holiday pirates. It's a shame when a company does a promo like this, but makes it so difficult for anyone to benefit, it defeats the point. Did anyone get on the equally frustrating Expedia 90% off black friday deal?

I found a room for the £5 entered all my card details, pressed submit. Then it said call to confirm. Then they said the booking hadn't gone through. Joke.
The best way to find a room is through your phone as you don't have to select a date. You can keep going to next day. I found a few that way

They did a voucher code promo the other month. Registered.....no code was sent.....complained, then they sent one out.

After all that, realised you had to 'phone' them up to use the code! Utterly banal.......

this is a time wasted :-( :-(

good job last-minute. you defined a 'offer' by only giving 20 promo among countless amount of customers - that is more like a challenge not offer!

Agreed, poor offer - I've tried lots of dates at each release time and not found anything. Waste of time

Can't find any

I was a lucky one that worked out what dates they were releasing and managed to get two! One for Xmas day and one for 2nd January. Although my friends tried every hour and couldn't get anything

Another lucky one here, bagged the 5* in Kensington for a trip to the theatre in January. Combined with Get into London Theatre it's going to be a bargain trip!
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