4 Childrens books for £6 at Red House
4 Childrens books for £6 at Red House

4 Childrens books for £6 at Red House

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Go to the sale section of the site, and you can choose any 4 books for £6.

I have ordered books with RRP of £34 for just £6! Dont forget, books come with the prices printed on them, so looks like you have spent more!

Delivery is Free


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Sorry, didnt put the name in the title. First time posting on the new design site - updated it now

Good offer - thanks :thumbsup:

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Considering I was going to pay £4 for one book I think its great, looked at the others when I noticed the offer. Plus, one of the books I ordered was £16.99 RRP!


Thanks kelly_o_fanatic , great deal ! Plus you get free delivery too and a free gift if you spend over £30


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I didnt get an email, just looking for the new Jacqueline Wilson book because they are normally cheap there (and was, £5 instead of £12 like everywhere else) and noticed this offer

I got -

Dinosaurs Packed Lunch (Jacqueline Wilson)
So You Want to be the Perfect Family? (Josephine Feeny)
Nag Club (Anne Fine)
Dickens' Christmas (Simon Callow)

3 for a girl who is currently 8 - 2 for next birthday and 1 for easter
Dickens' Christmas will do for dad, because have seen it and is not just a kids book - and dad likes that sort of thing!

Just ordered 9 books for my daughter (age 9) so she'll be delighted to get them and so am I because they came to £12 with the RED3 code for the freebie book thrown in and free delivery.....
Worth mentioning 2 things.

1. The Sale section appears to be in age order so if your looking for older, go to the end and work back. I was 5 pages in before I found anything suitable.

2. Multiple lots of 4 books comes to £6 so if your 1 short of that multiple, get another to get the big discount.

Cheers, Keith:-D

just ordered some fab pressies and added the RED3 code found on here and got another book free wot a fab deal all with free deliv cant beat that:w00t: hot find well done u!:thumbsup:

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Just checked on my email - sent on Xmas day!!!!Says:I saw the dinosaur … Just checked on my email - sent on Xmas day!!!!Says:I saw the dinosaur one on your list, which would be fine, but couldnt muster 3 others!:oops: Looking for 2 boys aged 7 and 9. (Though the younger one is a better reader - with a reading age of 9)

Horrible Christmas
The Last Burp of Mac McGerp
Unlikely Exploits: The Fall of Fergal

Couple that might be suitable

Thanks for that, my 8 year old just picked 4 books she liked all for £6 AND free delivery.

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Glad everyone is making use of this

Have just started spending my daughters christmas money! Good deal, thanks.

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It seems a few people are using kids christmas money to get this offer - I think thats a great idea! They get a lot more for their money, and it will improve their brain rather than rotting it like most other kids stuff does now!

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Hope everyone is remembering to add the code for the free book!

are they no books suitable for babies included in this deal?! ive had a quick look through the first few pages and there wasnt a single one, so didnt bother scouring through the other pages. good offer though
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