4 Cocktail Milk Bottles + Straws £1.49 @ Home Bargains

4 Cocktail Milk Bottles + Straws £1.49 @ Home Bargains

Found 18th Oct 2014
4 x 250ml milk bottles with straws spotted in Home Bargains (or Home & Bargain if you're from where I'm from).

These are really cute and would be good for cocktail parties.

I paid £15 for a similar set online last year.
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Which home and bargain?
Liverpool Hanover Street but should be national.
Cool, thanks. Might try and make my own $5 shakes
Wow, only ever seen these on notonthehighstreet.com and theyre crazy expensive, heat added, thanks op!
Had these in the one at poulton too
They had them in Oswestry one today
Got a set of these in telford today too
Had them in Hartlepool too
Had them in Shipley too, could have sworn they were £1.59 though.
bought some of these today in coulby newham
Had these today in kings lynn Norfolk if that helps anyone x
Darlington store too :-)
Fab, will look out for them.

Has anyone seen the drinking jars about or are they old stock now?
To think of the number of these I shattered with air gun pellets when I was a youth. What is the world coming to?
Is there nothing people won't buy?
These look great for cocktail parties. Hopefully they will have them in the becton London store. Thanks
Brilliant price
I hope I find some when I head back home on Thursday !
plentiful supply west bromwich branch
Warrington birchwood didn't seem to have any, but riverside retail did
Very cute! Has anyone ever seen even smaller ones - about half the size? We had afternoon tea out one day and our milk for tea came in diddy milk bottles, but I haven't been able to find any anywhere...
no tops silly omission
one in Reading today. They look really nice
No local shops and not online. Most disappointed
Brilliant, thank you. I'll check in my local tomorrow
I was looking online for these for my wedding reception but refused to pay the prices! these are a bargain, thanks for this, hopefully my local will have some in
They have these in chadderton oldham, I bought some for my children, so now they use them instead of beakers and they love the novelty
If you need theese small cute little bottels just buy Hipp baby juice, and keep them after you drink it. I use them for my baby birthday parties. You can decorate them
Loads in Clifton Moor York, shelf shows £1.59
lots in Corby 2pallet stock, they great, thanks for posting
Do anywhere in south/West Yorkshire have them?
Bought these in Derby (normanton) today, couldn't find them in town. Love them.
Got some yesterday in Sheffield Parkway, thanks OP. I was looking for these in August for daughters birthday but refused to pay 12.99 for 6!!
Got mine in broadway, liverpool for £1.59. Bought some for myself and some for gifts.... Fab
Picked some up yesterday for £1.59....great for price
[quote=SilentMonkey]Got a set of these in telford today too [/quote ] where abouts in the Telford store did you find these?

Got a set of these in telford today too

Where did you find these in the Telford store? With the kitchen things?

Where did you find these in the Telford store? With the kitchen things?

I went in today, they've sold out.

I went in today, they've sold out.

Cheers for that my husband would've killed me if I'd dragged him in and they didn't have what I wanted
Has anyone found these in any Birmingham branches?
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