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4 for £1 Heinz Plant Protein Soup @ Farmfoods Ilford

In store: London · FarmFoods Deals
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    Easy to season or spice up for a fuller flavour
    Or add meat
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    That is a good price, but I did find these a little dull in terms of flavour. I ended up adding some chilli to pick it up a bit.
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    What's the expiry date on them?
    A few months on the label but being tinned they'll be good for a long long time.
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    Hehe. Protein soup.
    I make my own. Not many people have tasted it unfortunately. I sometimes have a little sip myself when alone in the kitchen.
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    Do you work for Farmfoods? If not, and you are just trying to tell us all about great deals, then we'll done. Have some heat.
    Lol I don't work for Farmfoods just a regular shopper 🏼
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    Definitely lacking in Flavour, but edible which is always a plus!

    Bought them in Herons foods 3 for £1
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    Voted hot and great price.... Bought these from sainsbury's for 28p each a while back I have to say though... These are rank! Taste proper grim.
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    Not very nice but it's cheap so bought
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    Killing innocent plants for human consumption is immoral!!
    Very very funny banter this
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    Amazing price 🔥🔥🔥
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    Got these at Sunbury as well.
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    They are same in Enfield too.
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    Got some the other day, yet to try it.
    Can someone who has tried this soup give a review?! Thanks in advance.
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    These are pretty decent soups. Will look out for them in my local Farmfoods
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    Soup is soup. Hot.
    Gazpacho is cold.
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    Horid stuff,
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    Yet the price of other Heinz soups has gone through the roof over the past year, typically £1.70 a tin! when it was under a pound last year.
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    You don't like vegetable soup?
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    Are there any veg soups available like this, with a decent amount of protein (presumably courtesy of the added pea protein), but without all the added sugar & salt?