4 free cinema tickets plus 6 free dvd rentals

4 free cinema tickets plus 6 free dvd rentals

Found 12th Dec 2006
Recently we got from amazon "Barry Normans Film Quiz dvd" for a total of £8.43 delivered this got 4 free cinema tickets and 6 free dvd rentals. £8.43 looked good for a dvd and 4 tickets that would probably cost over that - so in the end cinema and free dvd !!!!

Goto the page above enter the details and in the promo code add vuecn (11) part in bracket to the code. You need to sign up to lovefilm.com. get upto 6 free films and tell them you want to shut the account down and go to the pics.
Offer ends 28.02.07 - only open to 1st time subscribers of vueathome.com.


Hello it sounds like you actually purchased this item. One question we had - do the 4 cinema tickets come directly in the package, or do you need to sign up with lovefilm in order to use the 4 cinema tickets?

The following is what I posted earlier today about what I experienced with this deal.

Like lots of you today I've just received my Barry Norman DVD only to disappointed not to find the cinema tickets.
I typed in the link only to be taken to lovefilm.com where I could only receive the four tickets after I subscribed to a free month trial. I'm already with lovefilm so I was unable to follow through with this so I phoned them up. The only way I could receive the tickets would be to open up another account with a different email address and a different postcode (and I'm assuming a different credit card). I don't really want another account so I decided to phone Amazon direct on 0800 2796620.
They were very helpfull and acknowledged that there was a problem as the operator had heard several of his collegues mention it throughout the day.
They said that I could return the items with a full refund, pay my postage and also credit my account for £5 for my inconvience. I then asked if I could keep the item (as I wanted the DVD game anyway) and they said that I could keep the DVD and that they would still credit my account with £5 and also the £3 (which might end up being £1.43? as I used the Hellman's book deal) postage that I paid.
Obviously I jumped at this.
I might even open up a seperate account and still try and receive the four free tickets anyway. Even if I don't, there's a £1.50 off a Vue Cinema ticket on the back of the voucher.
I think someone is going to pay dearly for this error, don't you?


I likewise just received mine and was similarly disappointed at no Vue tickets - this was misrepresentation - I'm going to try emailling Amazon as I may lose my temper on the phone

Sorry to hear about the issues with this.

thank you for the link though. May give it a try.

I was really annoyed to find out it was subject to a crappy lovefilm membership.i cancelled mine ages ago so cant get the tickets even if i join again.ho hum:-( :-(
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