4 Free Issues of Time Magazine
4 Free Issues of Time Magazine

4 Free Issues of Time Magazine

I don't have much of a description, it just caught my eye whilst I was browsing CNN.com. This is available in the UK, it will give you 4 Free Issues of Time Magazine, no subscription or Credit Details Required. It is simple to use, put in details, and instead of United Kingdom, you have to pick your region such as Scotland. Hope you like Office fits it best, that is why I picked it

It asks for Credit Details but just click "No Thanks"
- Robbie Newton


I don't know why people have voted this cold. Its an excellent deal as Time Magazine rarely does free trials for the UK, and plus NO CREDIT CARD OR BANK DETAILS REQUIRED!

Its absolutely free free free... no catch, but obviously they're hoping you enjoy it so much that you'll continue as a paid subscriber!

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I got a confirmation email today that was a bit strange

"Dear Mr. Newton,

Thank you for your TIME EUROPE magazine order. We are confident you will find TIME EUROPE's award-winning news coverage to be both interesting and insightful.
Your order for 54 issues was received on March 21, 2007.

Your subscription will begin with the issue dated April 9, 2007 and your service period will continue through the last issue. We will be sending your issues to:

For future reference, your Customer Number is 085152395. Your Customer Number can be used at [url]www.timeeurope.com/customerservice[/url] to quickly and easily manage your subscription online. At [url]www.timeeurope.com/customerservice[/url] you have 24-hour access to a wide variety of customer service capabilities including the ability to change your mailing address, renew your subscription, give a gift of TIME and check your account balance.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of service in the future.

Ann Hext
Vice President Consumer Marketing

Keep up to date with TIME's insightful analysis and in-depth reporting. Visit: www.timeeurope.com"

The bolded part is worrying, as i Only ordered the 4 Free Issues. Oh well, if they give me 52 Free, I won't complain :lol:

From the link :-

[SIZE=1]If you like TIME, you’ll receive 50 more issues – 54 issues in all – for just £34.99. That’s a 73% saving off the newsstand price! Otherwise, return the invoice marked “cancel” and owe nothing. *The TIME Precision Watch is yours FREE when you become a paid subscriber.[/SIZE]

If you do sign up by credit card you also get an extra 6 months free and a free watch

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Got the invoice today, and there was no box to mark "Cancel" Ah crap

I nearly signed up for this- good job I didn't although I wouldn't have read it anyway - freebie junkie

write cancel all over it and send it back after the 4th issue. had this problem once, didn't read that i had to cancel in order not to pay, and they sent me a bill. Wrote to them, and they said to send back invoice and gifts (cheap!). Sent it without stamp, no contact since. That was Mills & Boons :). Long time ago.

Ooh I was just about to post this up here...

The link is subs.timeinc.net/TA/…750

I've signed up anyway...I'll just have to remind myself to cancel after 4 issues!
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