4 free PAYG O2 sim cards, 2day only!

4 free PAYG O2 sim cards, 2day only!

Found 23rd Aug 2006
Up to 4 Free Online Pay & Go™ SIMs
Just complete the form on the website and you can get either 100 FREE anytime any UK network minutes or 150 off-peak any UK network minutes every month - the choice is yours. Or, if you're more of a texter than a talker, you may prefer to select one of the other free allowances available with your Online Pay & Go™ SIM like 500 FREE texts every month. Details of how to select the option you prefer will be sent to you with your SIMs. Whichever you choose, you'll also get 1MB free browsing and downloading every month, and lots more.


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"A minimum monthly top-up is required to obtain your free monthly allowance. Top-up between £10 and £14 and get 300 texts, 50 anytime minutes or 100 off-peak minutes."


I'm with O2 myself, and currently pay £14.99 a month for 200 anytime x-net minutes and 500 text messages, plus I got a free phone. This is exactly half the monthly charge they advertise on TV and on the internet.

The trick (as has been mentioned many times before)... when your current 12-month contract is up for renewal with your current supplier, ring up to *cancel*. Tell your supplier tht you want to move your existing phone number to an alternative supplier, as you've seen better offers elsewhere.

All four networks will pretty much bend over backwards to keep you as a customer (it's far more cost-effective than all the money they pour into advertising to get new ones).
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