4 Free Steam Games when new steam account made!
4 Free Steam Games when new steam account made!

4 Free Steam Games when new steam account made!

First post guys so be nice i found this...


Portal: First Slice (Official Demo)
Half-Life 2 Deathmath
Half-Life 2 Lost Coast
Peggle Extreme

For a limited time, 4 free games are available to all NVIDIA customers. This offer includes Portal: First Slice, a generous 11-level demo of the unique new game from Valve that has earned numerous Game of the Year Awards. Also included are Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Peggle Extreme. All NVIDIA customers may easily obtain these games for free by simply creating a Steam account.

check out steampowered.com if you are unsure about what steam is!

some good games there so enjoi, considering it would cost you at least £25 to buy them all before!



hot from me, got hl2dm dloading now, thanks m8
btw i already had steam installed with an account and it still added the games so its not just for new users.

good find, thanks. Not often that this sort of thing comes along legally.
heat and rep added
Welcome jordo88

Good spot, heat added!

Peggle is a very addicitive little game. Well worth a download if you have an Nvidia card.

Good find

"limited time"? This has been out for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.

ATi customers get a similar deal. As do Intel onboard GFX card users...

This is NOT the "full" version of Portal - it's the first 10 levels. No cake for you!

Hmm downloaded gave the details of my steam account but cannot see these in my games list. Am i doing something wrong? help!

Good grief, these have been given to Steam accounts for /ages/, even old ones.

The cake, you will find, is a lie.


The cake, you will find, is a lie.

You'll find it in the end, just keep on looking...

Thanks for this, downloading now. Already had Halflife 2, but getting the others. Also, had my steam account for ages and it worked.

what the addy for the ati offer then ?


BTW, the title (like the cake) is a bit of a lie; it's not just new Steam accounts, it applies equally well to existing Steam accounts. Once you've added the games to the account you no longer need to have an NVidia card in the machine, so you can use one machine to unlock the games and play them on another machine regardless of graphics card.

very hot!

thanks hot, 1st time i heard of steam. H&R added :-D

Never knew about this offer, have a few steam accounts so installing them on my old steam account now


peggle is free anyway =p


peggle is free anyway =p

only 10 levels.... but there are way more which are not free

Anyone downloaded trackmania nations forever yet?

thats free and sooooo playable.

The ATI offer appears to be ]here. No half portal but you do still get HL2:Deathmatch.
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