4 Frozen Flaming' Quarter Pounder Burgers 50p from £2.29 @ Sainsburys

4 Frozen Flaming' Quarter Pounder Burgers 50p from £2.29 @ Sainsburys

Found 8th Dec 2012
Found at Sainsbury's Borough. London. They're surprisingly very delicious.
Already Flame grilled. Microwavable.....what else do you want?!
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These are also 2 for £1 in Jack Fulton's stores!
Not in Walsall or Wolverhampton
No flame this time round
Microwavable.....what else do you want?!
A barf bucket, cheap though, enjoy.
Microwaveable burgers...hmmm not convinced
Deer god..
Already flame grilled...and microwaveable... sound like Burger King.
There was a good bog roll deal on here earlier on, may be needed for next morning toilet movements...

Deer god..

I imagine they're beef, not deer.
Microwaved food usually sucks.
I remember way back in my teens - a friend of mine I used to visit would always 'do us lunch' by just wacking ordinary frozen burgers in the microwave for a few minutes. Straight in a bun, bit of sauce - lubbly jubbly. Never did any harm and I'm still here to talk about it 30 odd years later! Not sure why the fuss? A piece of cooked meat is a piece of meat that's cooked. Why do they say you can't microwave a frozen burger?

Microwaveable burgers...hmmm not convinced

I wouldn't bother getting a burger from your local pizza shop then...
Microwave Burgers? Hmmm I think I'll pass
Cant beat a proper bbq`d burger, none of ur microwave rubbish, but ok for a scooby snack if time is tight, I always keep a tin of westlers burgers in gravy in for times when i need a quick burger fix, and the gravy is nice too. They are only a quid.
I'd rather spaff on a chihuahua and eat it alive.
none in ladbroke grove london
For the sceptics, I've tried these before (and the chicken breasts). They're not all that bad.

For this price, that's a scorching hot deal.
Probably one store only getting rid of stock???
look disgusting but they are cheap oO
What do you want for 50p?X)

look disgusting but they are cheap oO

This is a strange mentality.

Would you eat a sterilised dog turd burger if it was only 5p?
Perhaps the stock's not selling well. Need to shift quickly as sell buy date is closing. Old age sucks so it's a great deal if you don't care what you eat.

Burgers, cakes, chocolate, sugar, beer, chips, fags, lovely lovely cheap food. These will go great with the daily pot noodles!
What's with the hate for microwave burgers? They're the best kind!
any idea where you can buy the chicken ones? can't seem to find them
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