4 Gang Socket £1 in Poundland

4 Gang Socket £1 in Poundland

Found 2nd Oct 2010Made hot 3rd Oct 2010
Poundland's 4-way (or 4-gang) electrical socket extension lead enables you to plug in four different electrical items from just one plug socket. It's high quality, safe and durable too, and complies with all the relevant British Standards, including BS 1363 for plug sockets.


Coincidence- I bought one of these in there earlier today.

Very handy

these are always available in my local heat added

Been for sale for this price for ages, also in poundworld. Same price

Good value, but in my opinion, not high quality & not durable. That's based on 3 out of 5 failing (the internal shutters either break or stick). Maybe OK if you plug things in them once & leave them. No disrespect to the OP. Have replaced them with masterplug ones from home bargains for £1.99, much better quality, worth the extra £1 for safety IMHO

Poundland, high quality, are you sure?

Bought a couple of those as well. They're not high quality. Sparks fly when things are plugged in or out. Can't be opened because they are not screwed. OK for lights but don't put heavy load on it (like a 3kw kettle or heater).

Also, the lead on these are tiny! I don't think they'd even reach from the plug to the floor - would much rather pay £1 or £2 more and get a meter or two of cable and a bit more quality!

Its always there. I bought it four months ago.

cheaper in the 99p shop !
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