4 Individual Steak pies £1.50 @ Iceland

4 Individual Steak pies £1.50 @ Iceland

Found 16th Jan 2011
Areally nice pie and will match any other store brand pie great price too.Also do chicken and mushroom



Hot just for the random Iceland/Bjork connection.

Cold for the totally random Bjork/Iceland connection!....If I was to stereotype I would associate Iceland (Chicken skin nuggets only a pound) with chavs...and how many chavs have heard of Bjork let alone listened to her!

Besides is this a deal?! Are these cheap pies on offer?!

Absolutely love the bjork/iceland link. Thank God we can maintain a sense of humour in the middle of all this doom and gloom! Well done to whoever posted the deal and the pic. Bring on more :-D

You haven't mentioned whether these are Iceland's own brand, Fray Bentos, or some other brand...?

Well saying as the OP says they will match any other store brand I take it that they are icelands own make.

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And i bet some morons who comment on here shop at tesco and asda cos thats class lol
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