4 Pack of Baby wipes only £1.71 @ Tesco
4 Pack of Baby wipes only £1.71 @ Tesco

4 Pack of Baby wipes only £1.71 @ Tesco

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Can't see this offer on the website, but went into my local Tesco store yesterday and they have their pack of 4 own brand, fragrance free wipes for only £1.71.

That's 320 wipes. I use these on the dog and the baby and they're good quality, so I stocked up!

Or, you could buy one pack of 80 wipes for just under a pound. I know which sounds better to me....


won't you just transfer germs from the dog to the baby?

not really fair on the baby is it?

Whereabouts on the dogs body do you use them?? The mind boggles :-/

Original Poster

Hehe - very funny.

(Note to self - be more clear!!!)

Oh and just so you know - the dog's ears.

there is a box of 6 packets for £2.44 in store at peterborough could not see this deal that op has posted

Couldn't see this at my local tesco extra

I take it your dog is only a puppy.

hot ,stocked up today:-D

fabbo.. these ae great for the leather sofas

I use them on my dogs and cats too, Have a big sloppy Newfoundland and persian cats so come in handy for wiping around their eyes, ears, mouth etc.

good for dogs muddy paws

Had a look in my local tesco and they didnt have any on offer

i will have a look and may just use them on the baby!!!

Believe it or not these are great for removing dead flies from your car windscreen!!
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