4 packs of M&M's + Sunday Cineworld, showcase, Apollo, movie house cinema ticket - £4.00 instore @ asda

4 packs of M&M's + Sunday Cineworld, showcase, Apollo, movie house cinema ticket - £4.00 instore @ asda

Found 4th Aug 2012
Similar to the tesco deal i posted about 2 weeks a go, but tesco has put the price up, but now with m&m's at asda on a special

Popped into asda and they had M&M bags for #1.00 each, the m&m bags also they had a promotion called 'sweet sundays' if u buy 4 packs and submit the codes of each online, you can get a free cinema ticket valid for any Sunday.

The cinema tickets for cineworld, showcase, apollo and movie house cinema,

Offer valid from 26/07/2012 till 23/12/2012 the cinema vouchars are valid till 13/01/2013

we go on to the cinema on a Sunday anyway, so grabbed about 20 bags,

I know it may not appeal to many, but to those who goto cinema on Sundays its a bargain as a 2D ticket is about #8 these days

i bought 20 bags from tesco last time, and as we love M&M's so ending up buying another 20 bags,
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Sounds good but have you read the calories. I bought a pack two weeks ago dont think its promotion but the calories were discutingly high. Mightcbuy it to give out to kids
Its the same deal, it only depends on how new the stock is each store has from Mars

So one asda branch will have it another wont , so no need to post it for every shop you find the offer packs in.


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yep not all asdas have the promo packs, its a great deal though, just store the sweets and don't eat em all at once!!!

Codes are at the bottom of the pack (inside) so you do have to open them up.

Cineworld ones are very easy to book online, free, and no need to print a ticket, you give your card details and book online to collect ticket in the cinema with the card, at the o2 my card wouldn't work so had to enter the reservation code manually to get the ticket
Also at sainsburys 4 for £5
These the Crispy ones too?

These the Crispy ones too?


These the Crispy ones too?

Not in the Asda local to me, Glasgow Forge, choc and peanut M&Ms yes but Crispy were £2.09 a pack on 2 for £3

Everything but them and Revels were on £1 but only Galaxy Bites and Peanut M&Ms were in the cinema packs

Shame the stores never seem to sell White Maltesers
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Can confirm that the Peanut M+Ms were £1 a pack at Asda Spondon with the cinema offer. Wish I hadn't bought up a load at Tesco at 2 for £3 now! Heat added
Does it work at at empire cinemas??
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