4 Piece Stacking Mug Set £2.99 at Argos (Reserve & Collect)

4 Piece Stacking Mug Set £2.99 at Argos (Reserve & Collect)

Found 15th Feb 2011
4 Piece Stacking Mug Set

* Set includes: mugs and a metal holder.
* Mugs suitable for dishwasher and microwave use.

Checked and stock in the first two areas i tried (Glasgow and Hereford)
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I love these mugs!! My friend has them and they keep your tea warm til the bottom of the cup. In a similar verin- have some heat xo
very nice great quality good price
these mugs are good as said above they keep your tea warm for ages, but the handles aren't very big and 2 handles actually fell off the mug.
very diffrent and good deal
good spot hot from me
very useful
i got similar to these a couple of years ago, (different colour) they looked good but were very impractical as you can only fit 1 finger though the handle and cups get hot pretty quickly, good price though so im not voting either way
dammit out of stock in nearest 10 stores
out of stock everywhere!

out of stock everywhere!

where are you ? Still coming up ok for me in the areas i checked when i posted it - Glasgow and Hereford
Smelly ol' London!

Smelly ol' London!

2 at Orpington The Walnuts - is that too far ?

suppose it depends which bit of London you are in - i have family near Croydon so thats the only postcode i know !
1 in sunderland hylton park
1 in rotherham parkgate
Hereford has 1 left
East Kilbride Kingsgate Retail Park 3 left
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