Virgin Mobile offer
Special offer
£10.00 a month when you take any NTL or Telewest service
Offer ends: 31.03.07
Offer available to new and existing customers

Virgin Mobile offer
Because we think mobile's great, we've teamed up with Virgin Mobile to bring you a great deal more.

When you join ntl or Telewest, you get the chance to join Virgin Mobile and use an exclusive monthly tariff which costs half the price of their standard SIM only tariff. And because it's only available to you as a cable customer, you won't see it anywhere else!

What do I get?

Tariff Minutes Texts SIM card cost Monthly cost
Virgin £10 with cable 300 300 FREE £10 (usually £20)

Voicemail in the UK is free too. With the Virgin Mobile SIM offer, there's no minimum term and no ties. After your first month, you're free to leave Virgin Mobile when you choose.

You can use the airtime in your package to make calls and send texts to any UK network, at any time. And it's not just mobile networks - standard UK calls are included too


Not a bad deal from NTL/Telewest.
300 Minutes and 300 texts for £10.00 P/M.
Thanks for the deal/post

And not only that; they also give a free mobile (I got a Lobster 575) and even if you cancel after a month, you can keep the mobile. Its not a great mobile, but hey, its free !!! I suggest you Call them when you go for this and not online.

H iall,

This is a good deal, took it up for my wife & bought the Motorola Pebl at the same time for £29.98 to top it off!

i have tried umpteen times to get this offer but despite having a 4 wstar credit rating and being with ntl for nearly 10 yearrs and also having a contract virgin phone i was refused this offer God only knows why but it still does my head in

maybe coz you already have a virgin phone?? That also might be using all the credit they want to extend you.....

First thing Id do is just ask them why! lol.

I have a family member on this deal right now, luckyly they had rollover minutes from November, as they made several hours of calls (mostly over 07744) abroad

But I'm thinking of moving it as basically tmo/cnm/bmp companies are all doing 12months free rental on T-mobile Relax 35 500mins/200sms with phones worth at least £50ish, lazyness & no cashbacks vs. tightwallet syndrome ;-)

I took this deal out in November - you are actually allowed two phones (2.99 for delivery on each - lobster 575) and the first month is actually only £5. It's a really good deal.

Youve totall lost me on this waht do you mean they have been using call thru 07744 on this contract virgin?? and do the minutes roll over?


maybe coz you already have a virgin phone?? That also might be using all … maybe coz you already have a virgin phone?? That also might be using all the credit they want to extend you.....First thing Id do is just ask them why! lol.

Duh !!! why didn't i think of asking mmmm....... maybe because i did ask, its just that everyone i asked didn't know why i couldn't get this offer they said what another poster said your allowed 2 contract phones or 2 of this offer from virginmobile anyway there's a ton of people in a similar position to me on this forum cableforum.co.uk/boa…=93

Hmm I read this as foreplay with a mobile virgin, guess it is not what I thought


Which phones have perple managed to secure and at what prices?

I called today and was told can only get Lobster free all other have to pay PAYG Prices?! IS that the same with everyone who has tried/taken up this offer?

Just been informed that the FREE phone offer has now expired.

Thanks for the info guys and the expired note Sid47
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