4 Port eSATA PCI Express Card@ Play.com £9.99
4 Port eSATA PCI Express Card@ Play.com £9.99

4 Port eSATA PCI Express Card@ Play.com £9.99

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* By installing this eSATA PCI Express Card into your desktop PC you can create ultra high speed connections for any Serial ATA storage Equipment.
* Ultra High Speed Data Transfer rate of 300 Mbps, 6 X faster than USB 2.0.
* Perfect for use on large file transfer, such as music and films, copying, viewing and saving large multimedia files is simple.
* 10 Year Sitecom warranty.
* Requirements:Windows 2000, ME, XP & Vista
* Box contents: eSATA PCI Express Card to create 2 External and 2 Internal Ports, Driver CD ROM, User Manual
* Requires Free PCI Express Slot


By installing this eSATA PCI Express Card in your desktop PC, you create 2 high speed external and 2 internal eSATA connections for Serial ATA storage equipment. This eSATA PCI Express card stands out because of its high transfer speed of up to 300 MB per second. Ideal for use with large multimedia files such as music and films.



This is a dead port, USB 3.0 will take over so pointless adding this

UNLESS you have Esata already ?? ( Hot for me ? )

Unless you know... Have these spare SATA hard drives sitting around which you want to use but you don't have any spare internal SATA slots and just want to be able to quickly plug them in and access them.

Or any other situation where you could be required to recover data from one SATA Hard drive to the next without requiring multiple docks or having to install them internally.

Remember with SOME motherboards you may ALREADY have eSATA support on (some of) the motherboard SATA sockets - ie can either run a long SATA cable out of the back, or else far better fit a "dumb/formfactor changing" eSATA socket on the back (with a SATA cable to the motherboard internally).

I think you will still need the eSata power connectors so if you havent got them then you will need the converters from the normal 4 pin power connectors (just a thought for anyone thinking of going down this route)

I think it only supports two active ports so you have to set the jumpers to switch each port between internal and external - it is not possible to use all four ports at the same time.

price up to £22.70. for a 4 port £9.99 would have been an amazing price, even at £23 it would have been a great price as 4 port cards are usually £50+. £10 for a 2 port is a pretty good price as they are usually about £15-18 for the cheapest one

it's quite common for these cards to be mistakenly listed as 4 port or 3 port when you can only actually use 2 ports at once, you just have the option of using internal or external ports


This is a dead port, USB 3.0 will take over so pointless adding this

until usb 3.0 is priced @ £9.99 a pop this is a great deal at this price. It's not about whether YOU need it or not, it's about the deal that matters!!! Good find zippy22
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