4 Sensor Wired Reversing Kit only £19.99 @ Maplin instore (P+P online)

4 Sensor Wired Reversing Kit only £19.99 @ Maplin instore (P+P online)

Found 12th May 2010
Product features:
Four sensor reversing system for cars and light commercial vehicles - takes the guesswork out of parking!
Uses ultrasonics to measure the distance between your car and obstacles
Audible and visual indicators of the distance to objects behind the car
Three distinct tones provide audible warnings of the distance to an object
Supplied with four sensors and 22.5mm drill hole cutter for installation
Automatically engages when reverse gear is selected
Pack Contents: 4 x sensors with connecting cable measuring approximately 2.4m per sensor 1 x in-car display panel with connecting cable measuring approximately 5.8m in length 1 x control unit for installation in the boot of the vehicle measures approximately 12 x 8 x 3cm 1 x power connecting cable (red connects to the reversing light and black to earthed body of vehicle) measures approximately 85cm in length 1 x 22.5mm drill hole cutter 1 x double-sided adhesive mounting pad for the in-car display panel 2 x double-sided adhesive mounting pads for the control unit 8 x 13.5cm cable ties for secure and neat wiring installation 1 x fitting instructions manual

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Technical Specification

Rated voltage: DC 12V
Operating voltage range: DC 10.5V~15V
Rated current: 200mA max.
Detection distance: 0.1~1.5 metres
Stage 1 detection range: 110cm~150cm
Stage 2 detection range: 50cm~100cm
Stage 3 detection range: 10~40cm



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Thanks for the link zygo, can't seem to edit the direct link?

Having looked at various options I went for the colour match sensors offered by dolphin for my wife's new Fiat Grande Punto.
They are more expensive being about £55 with postage but give a factory finished appearance. I have had them for two years. They matched the light Azure blue metalic fine. I went on the Fiat forum website where they gave step by step instructions (photos) on fitting them. It took me about 2 hours using their method of removing the rear bumber. Fiat have four little circles already marked on the inside of the bumper to give you the correct positions for the sensors
Dolphin will also provide different colours of sensors within one box if your car is two tone at the back. The sensors can also be fitted to the front of the car and connected to the ignition.
If one of their 18 colours doesn't match your vehicle, most sensors can be coloured using a thin non-metallic spray paint if you are willing to d-i-y.
There is a review of the Dolphin range here

i got this a while back and returned it because the sensors didn't have an angle mount, and wasn't clear if they could be painted. looked like a good kit though.

i've read good things of the dolphin stuff also.

i have these fitted to my car (got them from tesco for £17 12months ago of a deal on here) they are easy to fit and work great you wire them into the reversing lights of your car so they only come on when reversing.

just make sure you mount them on a flat part of ur bumper and not to close to the sides.

Great price

Although I like the idea of this... 20 years ago I bought a Maplin kit to make the rear wiper intermittent and switch on automatically when reversing (with the front wipers on). I recently bought a Citroen that does that anyway. I've almost finished assembling the kit!
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