4 Weeks Trial For £1 @ The Financial Times

4 Weeks Trial For £1 @ The Financial Times

Found 23rd Feb 2011
I got a leaflet mentioning this with my Economist subscription.

- Call 0800 2983854 and quote trial offer 648
- Visit ft.com/tri…648

Offer available until 31.08.2011

Choices available: vouchers or free delivery before 7am*.
* Selected delivery area.
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Thanks for that! As I recall they allow one to take a trial subscription like this no more than ONCE per 12 month period - and rather neatly I am just outside that period!

Just gotta remember to cancel the direct debit during the 4 week period IF you're not taken with the idea of paying the equivalent of £24 instead of £1 for the next 4 weeks (or £50 if you paid 'face-value' in your newsagent).

Sounds like a good deal - especially if you can do a trial once every 12 months
Awesome deal! Ordered, thanks! Heat added!
bbc.co.uk/news is £1 less forever
What are the Sports pages like???

bbc.co.uk/news is £1 less forever

No it's not, it's £144.50 more.

No it's not, it's £144.50 more.

HAHA pwned.

No it's not, it's £144.50 more.

Hate to say lol but lol. It's about time the license fee situation changed, do other countries have to pay for one tv channel whereas the others are free?
I think it's for the anti rigour mortis injections Bruce Forsyth needs daily so he can continue presenting Strictly.
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bbc.co.uk/news is £1 less forever



BBC Propaganda..oO
BBC online content does not require you to pay the licence fee to view it, although obviously it does need it to operate. Still the deal is infinitely hotter than the FT deal.
Great offer. This newspaper is only for the intelligent lot .. thats the reason few of us question paying the £1 and want to watch the BBC which is full of c***

I can't believe people here are trying to compare FT to BBC news, entirely different stuffs. To be honest, you shouldn't even try to compare FT with other papers.
Its not, its free vs. paid. All of the information in the FT is available free elsewhere. People vote xbox live cold because PS3 is free online. This is the same.

If you need to be spoon fed day-old information then its a good investment though. But I'd say its a better investment to learn to read properly.
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Ft.com is now a paid service. Generally this paper sub also comes with free access to the website, including historical info for 5years.

If you can be bothered you can usually avoid paying by searching the google or bing cache for articles
FT is the only newspaper really worth reading. Everything else you can get pretty much the same news on the BBC - with the same tired angles.

The FT - whether you agree with it or not - offers a fresh perspective and is much much better for world news than the rest of the UK press.

£1 for 4 weeks is a great offer (although this offer is available fairly regularly and they have been handing out fliers around tube stations for weeks).
This is also available online:

I cancelled after 2 weeks and got email offering me another 4 weeks for £1 plus £5 M&S voucher!
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Trial offer started, but money not deducted from my bank account ? Anyone else had a similar issue ?

Direct debit is already setup.

Trial offer started, but money not deducted from my bank account ? Anyone … Trial offer started, but money not deducted from my bank account ? Anyone else had a similar issue ? Direct debit is already setup.

Seems normal: eg they only took my £1 in the middle of March, whereas my sub had started 2 weeks earlier.
PLUS having cancelled any ongoing sub about 10 days into the 4wks/£1, they then send me an email offering me "as a recent leaver" another 4 weeks for £1, with a £5 M&S voucher within 1.5months. So I've just signed up for that too.
Have to say I can't believe many private individuals would pay £2/£2.50 for their daily/weekend copy of the paper. I got it as part of my 'office perks' for about 15 years and value reading it then, but can't see £2+ of attraction anymore.

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