4 wheeled Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair £135.00 using code BBB30 @ Boots

4 wheeled Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair £135.00 using code BBB30 @ Boots

Found 13th Nov 2013
One of the best lightweight pushchairs around, usual price is £229 but Boots apply an automatic discount of 15% to this and if you join the parenting club and use code BBB30 the price comes down to £135. You also get Points! I've had my eye on one of these for a while and this is a very good price.
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Doh - I should have put Boots.com in the title, go easy on me this is only my 2nd post - first I couldn't even an a picture so I am improving - albeit slowly!
doest seem to work with bbb30 as the 15% takes the total down to 195 before using the bbb30.
you get £31.90 in points - good for xmas pressies!

You can choose anything on the site out of pushchairs, car seats and nursery over £200 to get the discounts - e.g. you could combine the Maclaren quest denim (£133 in sale) and a britax evolva car seat (£99) for £135 for both plus £22 in points

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doest seem to work with bbb30 as the 15% takes the total down to 195 … doest seem to work with bbb30 as the 15% takes the total down to 195 before using the bbb30.

worked for me - try adding something else to the basket then removing it
Amazing price
You need to log onto site, or register if you're new, and make sure you enter BBB30 in capitals as it seems to be case sensitive.
thanks all, I've got it to work now!!!
Trying to resist buying 2 new carseats. £195 for a Maxi Cosi Axiss and a Pearl is a good price anyway...combined with the £48 worth of points and 2.5% cashback make it a ridiculously good deal.

That said, I don't need to spend £200 on new seats.
Wow thank you
just a heads up, the rain cover isn't included with this pram its another £20.99
WOW,, that's even better than the second hand price, on e bay!, thanks, followed instructions, joined parenting club, entered code and it just kept on discounting!!, thank you soooooo much x
Are these any good in snow? I have a m&p Luna but looking for something else, living in Scotland I need something suitable for snow ⛄ x
wow amazing deal, shame I dont need one anymore I had the 3 wheel version for my girl and it was fab in the snow last year!! I didnt struggle to push it at all x
Thanks, think I might order x
Nice find boggler, heat added

Have linked to Emmas expired thread as some more ideas in there and might help people looking for a buggy bargain, some good offers about!

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It's was a glitch as £30 off £200 spend was taken off twice as well as 15% off, seems to have stopped working on some stuff now - I bought 2X black reflection axiss and a koo-di seat cover, I paid £225 now price is up to £255. We'll done for those who got.
What's the difference between city mini and gt? Just noticed the last post is gt this is mini? Thanks
I looked it up and it said the GT had the following in addition to the normal:

Adjustable handle
Off road type wheels
Bit more padding

Not majorly different however it weighs about 5lb more I think, can take a bigger child weight too I believe
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I bought the pushchair and the raincover for £153, with £37 of points and £9.20 cashback
I ordered -

Maxi-Cosi Rodi Air Protect Car Seat - Black Reflection - £99.99
RECARO Young Expert Car Seat - Black - £108.00

£116.79 & £23.70 worth of points
So worked out at £93.09 if you take the points value off so a real bargain
thanks op
Anyone know which model i.e. year this is? They stupidly removed the sit up straps from the 2012 model so the seat doesn't sit upright as much as in the 2011 model when using the straps.

An excellent price for this pushchair but the most upright position is not enough for my curious toddler!
I actually wanna cry I just bought a zia4 an I really wanted this but couldn't justify the price
I bought the mini earlier for £135 delivered. It says points awarded 1440 worth £14.40 I believe and was wondering if that was correct?
While browsing Boots earlier managed to get this boots.com/en/…53/ in my basket but went OOS before I could enter the code to check the final price. Don't need it at all but might be worth keeping an eye on if you're in the market for one?

eta Hoping Boots system make see the pre sale price and make it even more of a bargain
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Just bought the baby jogger mini 4 - worked a treat and cracking price at 135.49! Cheaper than second hand!!!
Amazing deal! Just bought a city jogger mini 4 for 135.49. Cheaper than second hand!!!
Oos now.
Mines just come! Has anyone else had theirs?

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Collected mine from store yesterday, really really pleased with it, £135 plus almost £25 worth of points so really £110!
Yep got mine really pleased
Got ours now it is amazing quality. The mechanism to collapse is laughable how easy it makes it. I'm going to consign my Mamas and Papas Zoom to the house only and put this bad boy in the car. Unbelievable product so glad to get it at this price!
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