4 x 200g bags of doritos £1 asda instore

4 x 200g bags of doritos £1 asda instore

Found 2nd Feb 2017
Bags have a week of sell by date so they are selling for £1 for for massive bags, not a yellow sticker or anything so could be national. Found in asda
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great find. I recently bought this for 3 pounds in tesci
£2 yesterday. Some dates are in a week. I found some 18/03 expiry.
£2 in mine. Great find x
Would be nice to know which particular store, incase its not nationwide.
This was in Heron, Aston too but for £1.99 and I thought that was a bargain
Asda boldon have em
Apparently they make great firelighters. So if your ever stuck in the middle of nowhere with Doritos, cold and needing to build a fire, don't eat all of them.
One in Rochester mine was x
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