4 x 330ml of Windhoek Imported Namibia Lager for £1.50 @ Asda
4 x 330ml of Windhoek Imported Namibia Lager for £1.50 @ Asda

4 x 330ml of Windhoek Imported Namibia Lager for £1.50 @ Asda

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Windhoek Lager is carefully brewed in the slow traditional way using natural ingredients only: malted Barley, Hops and Water. Both bitter and sweet enjoyment.

Windhoek is a pils-style light lager, brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot standard - apparently a German Beer Purity Law dating from 1516 that allows only water, hops and barley to be used in the production process (surely there's some yeast in there as well?) and it pours a light golden colour with a thin, frothy head:
Taste-wise - served cold from the fridge (as recommended) or at room temperature; I tried a couple of each as I worked my way through the four-pack - it's light, refreshing and easy-drinking. There's a slight vegetative quality to begin with - the hops asserting themselves up-front, I'd guess - which gives way to a slightly maltier after-taste. It's not too highly carbonated - which I think is the main problem that puts me off the majority of factory lagers - and is generally well-balanced.

In other words: a perfectly pleasant, easy-drinking bottled lager.


Better than my non alcoholic post !

Just to let you know that Windhoek Lager is actually brewed in Namibia and is not South African. (I know because I've been to Namibia) This is really refreshing and has a great taste. Would recommend, even if you get only 1 pack.
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My local ASDA was out of stock, will have to go to the bigger 24/7 one and see if they have any there.
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