4 x AA Energizer Recycled Batteries - £2.50 instore in Sainsburys (Leamington)

4 x AA Energizer Recycled Batteries - £2.50 instore in Sainsburys (Leamington)

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Thought this was a good price as I normally pay £5+.

Found in Sainsburys Leamington, not sure if its national.

Seemed to be lots of stock and 8 x packs also available.
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Nice find - thanks for sharing
Are those not standard batteries pictured?
These are alkaline- not rechargeable
If you did want more than 1 pack they are 2 for £4.50 from argos
zebz0018 m ago

These are alkaline- not rechargeable

Yes, your right. They have used the same colour scheme as their recycled range... My bad.

I'll update the title now to save confusion.
Just checked online, and it states these are made with 4% recycled material from old batteries..... not exactly a very high percentage, but better than nothing I suppose.
Still, I'm not going to buy these and suddenly feel I'm saving the planet or something, not at that low a percentage.

That's if these are actually the recycled range, as there seems to be some doubt........... ?
If you care enough about the environment and think this will help you would no doubt be better of buying a pack of rechargeable batteries which you can recycle/recharge upwards if 1000 times
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