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4 x Fitted Michelin 205/55 R16 91 CROSSCLIMATE 2 - £256.72 (£216.72 after £40 cashback from Michelin) Members Only @ Costco

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Good offer for 4 x Fitted Michelin 205/55 R16 91 CROSSCLIMATE 2 at £256.72 ( £216.72 after £40 cashback from Michelin - must be claimed)

*Costco Offer available until 18 December

*Michelin Offer available until 31 December

Michelin Cashback Offer:Claim up to £100 | Michelin
Claim link:Michelin - Claim Form

For more information refer to discussion post Here

Michelin 205/55 R16 91 (H) CROSSCLIMATE 2

If you are Costco Warehouse Member, you can book and pay it online - Just choose your tyres, preferred date and the location

* Price includes £8.40 fitting charge per tyre. Fitting price includes:
  • Mounting & balancing
  • Nitrogen tyre inflation
  • New rubber valve Stem
  • All Tyres pressure checked
  • Scrap tyre disposal

With a directional tread pattern? the CrossClimate 2 quickly gets rid of water from the tyre providing exceptional grip in wet conditions. The tread pattern features 3-D sipeLock technology to enhance treadwear resistance and a distinctive V-formation pattern to spread out weight evenly throughout? extend the treadlife of the tyre as well as improving grip – in dry weathers all the way to the snowiest of days.

Michelin have designed this tyre with safety at the forefront with the Cross Climate 2 stopping up to 16 feet shorter than competitor tyres based on Michelin testing.

  • Outstanding braking performance in wet and dry roads
  • Excellent traction in snow and winter conditions
  • Designed for long lasting performance

Claim up to £100 - Terms and Condition | Michelin

1.The ‘Michelin People In Motion Car Promotion’ (the ‘Promotion’) is open to all consumers who are UK residents aged 18 and over, except Michelin Tyre PLCs (the ‘Promoter’) employees, its agencies or anyone else connected with the creation and administration of this Promotion, or trade customers including tyre dealer’s employees. This offer is open to retail customers only for private use (excludes company vehicle drivers).

2.By participating in this Promotion, claimants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and by any other requirements set out in the promotional material.

3.Completion of the mandatory fields is necessary to carry out identity checks and to validate your claim.

4.There is a purchase requirement. Claimants must purchase two or more MICHELIN car, van or 4x4 tyres in a single transaction for a single vehicle between 01 January 2022 and 31 December 2022.

5. The Promotion will issue a prepaid Mastercard or a direct bank transfer to claimant in line with the following values: When purchasing four tyres in 19” or above, £100 cashback. When purchasing two tyres in 19” or above, £40 cashback. When purchasing four tyres in 17” or 18”, £50 cashback. When purchasing two tyres in 17” or 18”, £20 cashback. When purchasing four tyres in 16”, £40 cashback. When purchasing two tyres in 16”, £15 cashback. Tyres purchased in 15” or below are not eligible for cashback under this promotion. Direct bank transfers and prepaid Mastercards will be processed within 28 days from receipt of claim.

6.Promotion is only available to consumers with a valid promotional code.

7.Closing date and time for receipt of claims is midnight 31 January 2023

8.Claims must be made on an official claim form completed online at car-offers.michelin.co.uk/uk/…IM4 and must be accompanied with an uploaded, clear and legible receipt highlighting the tyres purchased. It is recommended that you keep a copy for your records. An on-screen confirmation is provided upon successful submission of the claim.

9.Only one claim per vehicle is permitted. Entry into this Promotion cannot be in conjunction with any other offer. Lost, incomplete, invalid, illegible or late claims will not be accepted. The Promoter reserves the right to dispute a claim if it believes the claim is not legitimate and amend, suspend or cancel the Promotion where it becomes necessary to do so. The Promoter’s decision is final.

10.Please refer to the prepaid Mastercard for full terms and conditions of its use.

11.The prepaid Mastercards are non-transferrable and no cash alternative will be offered.

12.The prepaid Mastercards are subject to availability. The Promoter reserves the right to substitute with an alternative reward of equal value in the event that circumstances beyond its control make this unavoidable.

13.Promoter: Michelin Tyre PLC, Campbell Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4EY
Costco More details at Costco
You will need a Costco membership to purchase this item.

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  1. Avatar
    Good tyres in the current conditions but they are very noisy
    Like every winter/all season tyre as they make from softer rubber and due to the tread pattern. Personaly I did not have them but saying from my 20 yrs of swapping tyres twice a year every year
  2. Avatar
    Anyone know if they'll fit these tyres if they don't show up when typing my reg?

    Their tyre checker says that my tyres should be speed V rated, but all other online tyre sites state that my tyres can be H rated.
    Generally you can fit h rated tyres if your vehicle has v rated tyres this is due to the winter capability of cross climates
  3. Avatar
    Perfect time for the weather, these are meant to be amazing in snow and are rated even better then some out and out winter tyres.

    I had these fitted a few weeks ago on a deal from here... can affirm they are performing amazing in the snow. Almost as if the snows not there.
  4. Avatar
    Best tyre money can buy, and at this price an absolute bargain.
  5. Avatar
    Maybe just my back luck (as I have seen others make use of the additional discount), but I just received a rejection to my claim from a previous Michelin/Costco deal, with the following reason -

    the reason for rejection of your claim is that "a discount has already been given at the point of purchase and therefore in accordance to the t&c's point 9 : Entry into this promotion cannot be in conjunction with any other offer"

    Im still happy with the price i paid, but a little bit more would have been nice

    Same with me, just got a rejection email with the same exact reason
  6. Avatar
    They're back in stock now!
  7. Avatar
    Do you need to fit 4 tyres - or could you get away with these just on the 2 driven wheels?
  8. Avatar
    They need deals on 20" tyres!
    They do
  9. Avatar
    Great tyre, I’ve used these for a while now and never had any issues in the UK winter. Wish they wasn’t as expensive though for 19s
  10. Avatar
    I watched a guy take on the most ridiculous 3 point turn ever in his estate VW with these on yesterday.. was on an icy track I could barely walk on and he even drove it off the edge into the snow, was certain he was going to get it stuck as our car wouldn't move forward an inch. He got it done with a small amount of wheel spinning, couldn't believe it
    I've wasted time and money on other brands and variants and have come to the conclusion that with these fitted, my 2 wheel drive car is infinitely more capable than before - they are brilliant brilliant tyres.
  11. Avatar
    fitted 4 of these couple of months ago & it has made a massive difference when we had the rain - no aquaplaning on the motorway & yesterday in the snow I had much better traction. Wasnt aware of the cashback either so thank you! Heat added
    How often were you aquaplaning on the motorway? That would normally result in you crashing tbh.
  12. Avatar
    Outstanding tyres.

    Very good price.
    Agreed. Best tyres I’ve ever owned.
  13. Avatar
    I really need to get a car with smaller wheels. This is the price of one tyre for me if i want michelins
    Said this elsewhere but may be cheaper to buy cheaper aftermarket alloys & smaller winter tyres than massive winters.
  14. Avatar
    Great price
  15. Avatar

    Perfect for UK climate
  16. Avatar
    Fantastic deal!
  17. Avatar
    Good price

    I have only 2 crossclimate front tyres but it genuinely feels different when driving on flooded roads and on snowy roads (edited)
  18. Avatar
    It's common to drop a speed rating when fitting winter tyres. Presume the same applied to all -season tyres like these. Check with your insurance company to be sure.
  19. Avatar
    I tried to order online and it said these are the wrong fit because my car has a manufacturers's V rating rather than the H rating here.

    Does anyone know if Costco will fit them if I ring them up?
    I had exactly the same issue but went ahead and ordered.

    Had them fitted without any issue.

    This was about a month ago.
  20. Avatar
    Have these CC2's on my FWD car, driving in the dusting we got yesterday felt way safer than summer's i've used previously.
  21. Avatar
    I wish they had these for 14". Though, the CC+ tyres are very good as well for performance and wear if these aren't available in your size. Or the Goodyear Vector Gen3.
  22. Avatar
    Never a good deal on silly run flats but for standard this is a great price
  23. Avatar
    Always put crossclimates on when I get a new car. First time I've had the new version on any car and just as good if not better than the +

    I read a review the other day which claimed their snow handling is so good that they would probably be mid table in any group test of dedicated snow tyres. Good enough for me

    Heat added. (edited)
    Any recommendations on where to sell your old tyres? Thinking of doing the same. Thanks
  24. Avatar
    an absolute must for the winter and fall season good in the rain too can also recommed Riken tyres owned by michelin
  25. Avatar
    Someone mentioned crabbing on a make of tyre a while back. I’m trying to combat that with my GLC as it’s a known issue and non warranty (thanks Merc!) but any advice on best tyre for a lot of winter miles would be appreciated. GLC250 235/55/r19 105w front AND back. Which Costco tyre checker says is wrong lol.
    Did Merc not release a new part to solve this? Last I heard they were at least trying something new to combat the crabbing
  26. Avatar
    My car tyres are 205/60/16.
    Showing around £100 per tyre.
    Get 205/55/16 instead if a lot cheaper. Barely makes a difference though your speedo will be slightly out
  27. Avatar
    How do these compare to Continental WinterContact? Out driving today and the steering felt very light in a 2018 Picanto even on a dryish main road with no ice, a bit worrying. Looking on tyrereviews, the wet grip, ice grip and handling seems a lot better on the CWCs, appreciate they are 508 with Asda rather than 450 from Black Circles for these or 405 from costco (360+33 membership+12 petrol, I'm about an hour away).

    We don't get snow where we live, but mostly ice and very wet.
    These Michelins have always been marketed as a summer tyre with exceptional winter capabilities.

     You wouldn’t be wise to keep the Continental WinterContact on throughout Summer. You would with the Michelins.
  28. Avatar
    I need 235/40 R19 can never find any deals
  29. Avatar
    Only letting me add 3 to the basket
  30. Avatar
    Do these have to be fitted on all 4 corners or can you just get two on the front?

    I know Costco state they have to do all 4 corners if you dont already have winter tyres installed. As they are cross climate and not full 'winter' tyres does this apply?
  31. Avatar
    Wish it was 195/55/R16
  32. Avatar
    Hi all, Any non-Costco members out there able to give me a heads up on where I might find these or any other decent branded tyre x 4 of the same size mentioned in this deal (205/55 R16).

    I'd be really grateful to anyone who might have recently purchased or found a decent offer somewhere for their help. Failing that, the best source, price comparison site to go to and find a decent deal/discount myself. Like many just really struggling financially at the moment and could have done without this cost especially at Christmas, I just don't know where best to start and I expect this expense will eat up what I'd managed to save for the kids presents. Hadn't even realised the tyres were that bad until yesterday after I had to call AA guy out and he noticed one then checked the others, was pretty shocked when he told me none were legal! Any help therefore that might help me save some money would be really appreciated. Won't be driving it until I can get it sorted. Thanks to you all. (edited)
  33. Avatar
    Checked my 205/50/17s... 131 per tyre
  34. Avatar
    anyone know if these perform ok in summer too?
    Yes very well.
  35. Avatar
    Probably a stupid question but what do people do with their existing tyres assuming they’re ok.
    Assume they can be stored and put on in the summer?
    I got Crossclimate+ for my old car and I sold the existing set of Hankook tyres on eBay. From memory I think they fetched about £60 for the set.
  36. Avatar
    Love these tyres
  37. Avatar
    Never in stock in Glasgowedinburgh
  38. Avatar
    I bought these a year ago having read positive reviews - have yet to test them in snow, but they perform very well in low temperatures and have noticed a big improvement on wet roads, in particular those patches of unexpected motorway surface water. Obviously all season tyres apparently dont perform as well as summer tyres in summer, but I haven't actually noticed any difference in handling etc. They're great all year tyres. Would definitely buy these again. (edited)
  39. Avatar
    Been waiting for a tyre offer at Costco so I can fit some Cross Climates - however with the Michelin cashback as well (assuming the claim is successful) - this is an absolute bargain!
  40. Avatar
    Out of stock in North.