4 x Supercar Blast + Hot Ride (9 locations) @ Redletterdays

4 x Supercar Blast + Hot Ride (9 locations) @ Redletterdays

Found 1st Sep 2017
I appreciate you don't get many miles but you also don't often get this many cars at this price. I've done a couple of days and both instructors let you open up the throttle if you demonstrate you can actually drive...

From the website. I've highlighted the key points

This incredible driving session allows you to drive four of the world's greatest supercars and then strap in for a high speed passenger ride at a choice of UK circuits.

Pick four from the Ferrari 360 or 430, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin V8 Vantage or DB9, Audi R8, Bentley Continental GT, BMW i8, Porsche 911, Ariel Atom or a Nissan GTR.

At some venues there is also a single seater and a rally car to choose from.

Start with a safety briefing courtesy of a professional instructor. Then slide into the driving seat and enjoy three thrilling miles of driving action in each of your chosen supercars (a total of 12 miles). To finish, a professional instructor will take you for a blistering high speed passenger ride in a hot hatch. Hold on tight!
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Don't forget to add on the extras - £25 'indemnity insurance' (if you don't take this they charge you £5000 if you damage the car in any way).

Certain circuits (like the Top gear one) are really short so they charge you £20 if you want to do the extended circuit which only adds .6 of a mile on.

If you want a decent supercar like the Aventador - that'll be £50 extra thanks.

If you want three extra laps where they show you the braking points and best lines - guess what? That's right another £15
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