40 AA batteries £3 @ Toys r us - Metro Centre

40 AA batteries £3 @ Toys r us - Metro Centre

LocalFound 11th Apr
Granted not the top brand and wont power your rabbit for hours but cheap enough to stick in a kids toy at Christmas.

It states not available online but there were loads of packs at the tills in Metro Centre store.

Also available were Energizer eco advanced 8 packs for £2.70 (8.99 with 70% off)
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40 Alkaline batteries for £3 is excellent value. Shame I don't live near a TRU.
Less than 2 weeks left to go now

Toys R us to close by April 24th

I took the kids yesterday and it was quite sad that this is closing. I remember being taken here on birthdays as a kid to pick a present or spend birthday money in days where proper toys, board games and bikes were the "in things". Sign of the times when toy shops close down.

Kids nowadays have never lived!
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