40 Christmas Cards (Variety) £0.50 @ Tesco

40 Christmas Cards (Variety) £0.50 @ Tesco

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Forty quality Christmas cards at bargain price - it is never too early to start planning ahead and, after discovering these gems in my local Tesco Express, the worry of forgetting to buy cards for my loved ones has been destroyed. Rejoice!


They too had this deal in my local store today (Redditch). I too purchased, just have to try and remember in 11 months that I don't need to buy anymore!!

Totally agree! I bought some from M&S last week, they had loads of different styles on offer. They had a 20 pack on sale for 50p - I bought 12 packs! They were the charity designed cards, with self sealed black (M&S embossed) envelopes. Don't have to worry about getting xmas cards for a few years - I reckon!!!! lol
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If you have a Paperchase near you (there's one in Bluewater) they had really decent packs reduced by 75% when I was there the other day.

They also have Christmas wrapping paper reduced - foil rolls 50p, multipack (4 rolls) 75p - and still on BOGOF.

'Sweets & Treats' indoor lights reduced from £5 to £1.25 (battery operated?!)

Card Factory also has boxes of christmas cards on sale from 50p to 99p

I wish that's all I had to bother about, Christmas cards for a few years!!!
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