40 Free Photo Prints & Free In-Store Pickup @ Tesco

40 Free Photo Prints & Free In-Store Pickup @ Tesco

Found 19th Sep 2010
Tesco are offering to print 40 of your photos for free. You can either pay the small postage fee or pick them up from your local store for free.

Share your photos with friends on-line. Guests can pick the photos they like and order copies. If you join now, your membership will be FREE. Look what you get:
Upload, edit and enhance photos for FREE.
Print only the photos you want - never pay for a bad photo again!
Get the finest quality prints.
Share photos, albums and slide shows online with family and friends.
And much more
IMPORTANT: Your 40 '6x4' bonus prints will not be available until you confirm your account from our welcome email. This email will be sent to you shortly after you've completed your registration.
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not bad,thanks
I've set up an account, how long do I have to claim my free prints?
this has been going on for time! i got mine in feb!
good deals
Will do it tomorrow. Thanks
I think there is no Scotland, am I right?
Aldi still offering 100 free, paper a bit thin but at only £1.33 delivered hard to better, they we fast too

Jessops, Boots, Snapfish and Truprint also do this.
Not all 40 prints though. I sent some holiday photos to each, and a few of the same photo to each.
Jessops were easily the worst quality, the others the same, but boots were easier to upload.
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I've always got some pics to get printed so thanks for the post.
what a great find thanks
thank u
nice post op
nice one thanks, was wanting to get some pics developed
thanx, hot from me, have got loads of pics to take prints from holiday:)
thanks for this
Thanks worked fine
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