40” LED LCD Quattron TV with Freeview HD Tuner for £549 @ SharpDirect + 5 year warranty + FREE delivery

40” LED LCD Quattron TV with Freeview HD Tuner for £549 @ SharpDirect + 5 year warranty + FREE delivery

Found 8th Mar 2011
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The award winning LC40LE811E Quattron boasts Freeview HD so you can view BBC, ITV and Channel 4 in glorious HD, for free, enjoying picture quality 5 times that of standard definition. Plus, with the Time Shift function, you can pause and rewind live programmes and record up to 2 hours of content, so you never have to miss any of the action. In order to make sure you can get the most out of your Freeview HD tuner, we recommend that you first check for Freeview HD coverage in your area.

Introductory price is £549 including 5 Year Warranty, delivery and VAT

Due to the high demand for the ever popular 40” LC40LE820E we regrettably now only have limited stock available. So, if you were considering the stylish LC40LE820E for your living room, please place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Introducing the ground breaking, 4-Colour Pixel, Super-Slimline LED backlit Quattron LCD TV. Saving up to 40% energy compared with traditional CCFL backlit LCD TV's, it offers a range and depth of colours previously unseen on LCD TVs, thanks to its yellow sub-pixel, which is additional to the traditional Red, Green and Blue pixels of normal LCD TV's.

The Quattron range features a whole new, super slim design incorporating an elegant, thin, metal bezel and, on the 820/821 and 920/921 ranges, a fullly flush glass front. Its touch-sensitive controls are integrated into the bottom edge, which features a new look for Sharp: a subtle mirror-effect look with the new Quattron 'Apex' and Sharp logos tastefully illuminated - just enough to highlight the exclusivity of these models, but without distracting from the gorgeous 1080P LED picture quality that features now even deeper blacks and more vibrant, rich and realistic colours.


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Where from?

how do you get that price?

It's the price if you're in Sharps Affinity programme discounts.
sharpdirect.co.uk then click on buy online and enter your employers affinity code to get these prices.

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Reviews of the "Quattron" 4 pixel system are fairly negative - wouldn't a Samsung LE40C580 be a better deal at around £400?

have to be part of the 'affinity' group to get this deal.

Some say ppl can just sign up for it, but i know is i get mine through work

Everything copied and pasted from the the e-mail


Reviews of the "Quattron" 4 pixel system are fairly negative - wouldn't a … Reviews of the "Quattron" 4 pixel system are fairly negative - wouldn't a Samsung LE40C580 be a better deal at around £400?

where u getting this info from dude?

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Quattron TV review:



For the last couple of years, Sharp has been producing LCD televisions that are sometimes decent, if unremarkable. The company is aggressively pushing “Quattron” technology, seemingly in an attempt to give it the edge against the scores of incredibly similar LCD HDTVs on the market. This is not the first time a company has used promises of “bright colours” to reach out to consumers, but adding the fourth yellow subpixel is the first time that anyone has done it in such a novel way.

The unfortunate truth is that widened colour gamuts have almost no real-world use in consumer TVs. Playing back content designed to be viewed with one colour gamut (HDTV Rec.709) on another colour gamut (Sharp’s own proprietary “Quattron” gamut) does not enhance the picture quality – in fact, it does quite the opposite. For Sharp’s impressive engineering feat to have any practical use, the company would have to get the LC46LE821E’s unique colour gamut standardised and accepted by the content production community.

Of course, none of this would matter if the Sharp LC46LE821E could still be set up to put out high quality, accurate pictures: many of the displays we rate highly have wide colour gamut modes which can be side-stepped to increase picture quality when viewing normal content. What is most surprising about the LC46LE821E is that it has difficulty in living up to some of the claims that Sharp has made of it. While their promotional material promises that “a Quattron will provide smoother colour gradations” [1] and even makes mention of “bright greens” [2], in-depth testing reveals the exact opposite situation: green is one of the colours with luminance deficiency even after calibration attempts, and highly saturated content can often produce terrible contours in the image.
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The 38 Which? recommended 'Best Buy' TV sets comprise:

Samsung: 12
Sony: 12
Panasonic: 8
LG: 5
Philips 1
Sharp: 0

Sharp doubtless make some fine TVs, however, in the absence of a review, it's risky to spend your cash on this one. If I were spending this much money on a 40" TV, I would hope to grab a bargain deal on one of the last remaining Panasonic G20s before they launch the G30. Or a Samsung LE40C650.
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