40% off everything at Nike Store Ashford

40% off everything at Nike Store Ashford

Found 2nd Sep 2008
In their outlet store in Ashford today and everything had the following reductions
Any 2 items - 20% reduction
Any 3 items - 30% reduction
Any 4 items - 40% reduction

See the link for confirmation.

You could take advantage of this by using some of the cheaper items (£2.50 for a few pairs of socks for example) to reduce a couple of more expensive items.

E.g. buy a couple of items at £50 each, so total £100 and the reduction is 20% so total is £80.
Add in two sets of cheap socks for £2.50 each so the total is £105, but with the 40% reduction for 4 items you'd pay just £63.

One of the few times that buying more actually lets you pay less.
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Thanks :thumbsup:
i went there on sunday, found that most stuff in there wasn't that cheap for a designer outlet store this time :-( but i suppose if you want to buy at normal shop prices & get the 40% it is quite good
They had this at Gun Wharf Quays too...
But it stated it was only on clothing...
Offer on clothes and caps!

I bought loads of stuff including a £40.00 tracksuit and a pair of trainers, Barcelona kit for my little lad several t-shirts and sweatshirts and paid £120 good deal!
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