40 Piece First Aid Kit £2.31 Delivered @ Tomtop

40 Piece First Aid Kit £2.31 Delivered @ Tomtop

Found 29th Jan 2018
*Updated 6th March - Back down to £2.31*

Good price for a little kit for the car, always handy to have around the house as well, especially if you have my DIY skills No codes or anything, just pop in the basket and checkout.

Package Includes:
1 * Triangulaire Bandage
2 * Sterile Gauze Swab
10 * Alchohol Pad
1 * PBT Bandage
5 * Adhesive Bandage Strips
4 * Sting Relief Prep Pad
1 * Adhesive Tape(Non-woven)
1 * Scissor
1 * Tweezer
1 * First Aid Booklet
2 * Safety Pins
10 * Cotton Buds
1 * Nylon Bag


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Heat. Nice find Neotrix and you never know when it will come handy
9% Quidco aswell

But need to register first stil good price
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Thank you for shopping with us, your order has been placed!

£2.29 for me, always good to have and I don't have one currently. Thank you
£2.29. Thank you.
thank you got two.
just spent £30 (inc. P&P) on a larger kit form the red cross; counts as a donation as well.
this is great, saw a similar thing on ebay for 99p a year ago.Not heard of this company -definitely use Paypal if you are buying
Thank u! I have been looking for one of these for ages. I love hot-deals.
Can you change currency....not paying in dollars (bank charges)
Wanted £1.60 P+P to UK.
£2.25 Thanks
Brought this as a refill for another kit, so annoying it is cheaper to buy kits than separates. Arrived, simple, effective.

Note - you should replace contents of first aid kits about every 4-5 years as they often do have expiry dates but you can carry on using it to an extent - of when the alcowipes are dry in their packaging as they are not water-tight sealed.
You can get cheap kits at auction on ebay which look similar. I won one to put in my saddlebag for 30p including shipping and I think they often end less than £1. Sometimes they go high though like £2 plus and I guess the company is just happy with the average price.

Isn't this in Poundland?
They definitely used to sell a first aid kit in poundland but I've not noticed it recently but then I haven't really been looking at the aisles where it would be in recent times. I tend to check out the food and DIY aisles mainly with the occasional look at the electrical stuff and books. My recollection is not quite as many items in it as this tomtop product but only a marginally difference I think.
Ordered one for my car cheers op
Ordered thanks
Great price 2 ordered
If the retailer actually delivers ... consider yourself fortunate.... Customer service from my experience and others (see link) is woeful.

Pay with PayPal to be safe!
Cheers OP, just bought this. Will be handy for driving abroad as some countries require you have one in the car!

Had my two delivered no problems for the money.
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