40 Prints for free?

40 Prints for free?

Found 6th Jun 2007
Get 40 6x4 photo/image prints for £0.99p P&P

All you need to do is register & upload up to 40 images. They only charge for P&P. Have just given it ago and it worked for me. Just have to wait until the postman brings them. I will post a comment on the "condition" etc. when they arrive.

Please forgive any errors as I am very new to computers & the internet!


Thanks Colin D

Is this for new customers ?

Damn... was hoping that was 40 free pints!

you can get 40 free prints from photbox inc free post and packaging, and now also someone added another code that you can use to add another 50 fre to the order (and a glitch in the system lets you add the 50 over and over and over)

Voted hot as its an alternative and the other offer expires soon :thumbsup:

Truprint can get you £4 QuidCo for a new registration completing a first order too.

Via SVP you can get 50 free prints (+ P&P) from Truprint instead of 40:
]http//sv…php (Expires 31/12/2007)

In the original post, fordy suggests you may be able to collect them from Jessops for free postage: ]http//ww…059

From here, the default Truprint homepage suggests 20 is the normal free allocation.


Damn... was hoping that was 40 free pints!

That what I thought I saw as well lmao

Another 50 free prints (pay P&P) at ]photobox this time

Also 20% off your next order
Both offers expire 9/06/07

Quidco for photobox

60p for registering as a genuinely new user
£1.50 for your first sale within 60 days of registering.
£3.50 for every sale over 2.50, excluding P&P in your first 60 days of registering. (This does not include the first sale)

dang! i definitely read that as 'pints' stupid morning after an england match!

Good deal all the same, voted hot!
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