40% Threshers wine voucher available in Daily Mirror today
40% Threshers wine voucher available in Daily Mirror today

40% Threshers wine voucher available in Daily Mirror today

40% off wine and champagne voucher
printed in the daily mirror today


Title could do with a bit more info?

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what more do you want ?



what more do you want ?

We usually add the merchant name and where the voucher is available
I'll put these in now.

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i did put those its printed in the daily mirror newspaper today and its valid in Thresher/Wine Rack stores
but thanks :thumbsup:

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thanks for doing that im new to this

What sort of minimum purchase do you have to make though?
Is it valid with other specials (such as 3 for 2 etc)?
Are there any hidden things you have to do?

Sounds too good to be true! but will give it a look I guess


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There is no minimum can buy 1 or 10 bottles.
it can not be used in conjunction with any other deals
but is better than 3 for 2 as only get 33% with that.
And there is no hidden things Thresher have done this for past few
years after the first time all vouchers were emailed in error to lots of people
who passed them on to friends

This happens every year. Given that Threshers and all their affiliates have 3 for 2 on all year round anyway this only represents an additional 7% off.

Plus Threshers prices are much more expensive than supermarkets so it's not actually 40% off at all.

This deal is by far and away the biggest con I've ever seen but it must make Threshers millions because it always gets circulated around my work. You're better off with the following deal.


Otherwise go for the half price wines at Tesco and use the £10 off voucher. Both options are so much better than this one.

Its in todays paper as well.

agreed.....the laithwaites offer is much better.....so long as you cancel straight away.

Some very very good red wines in there too
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