£40 to spend on Gunners goodies,£40 to spend on Arsenal stuff
£40 to spend on Gunners goodies,£40 to spend on Arsenal stuff

£40 to spend on Gunners goodies,£40 to spend on Arsenal stuff

to get it,just sign up for: O2 Home Broadband,a new O2 Mobile contract or O" mobile Broadband before 31/12/09


Sign up to O2 Home Broadband or a new O2 mobile or Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly contract before 31 December 2009 and we'll give you a free £40 Arsenal voucher to use at Arsenal.com. Sign up for more than one, and you'll get a voucher for each.

Arsenal Voucher FAQs

Which products come with a £40 Arsenal Shop voucher and how many can I get?
Well give you a £40 voucher when you sign up online for a 12, 18 or 24 month mobile contract (except the iPhone and Palm Pre), O2 Home Broadband or O2 Mobile Broadband.
So, if you get all three, well send you £120 worth of vouchers. But this offer is only available online at www.together-we-stand.com.
Which mobile tariffs and handsets is this offer available on?
Its available on all 12, 18 or 24 month contracts, including Simplicity, and with all handsets except iPhone and Palm Pre.
What details do I need to give you when I order O2 Home Broadband?
Youll need to give us your BT landline number. And if you are switching from another broadband provider, well also ask for your MAC (Migration Access Code). This makes it possible to switch providers without downtime on your internet connection. You get your MAC by calling your current provider.
What will I need to connect to an O2 Mobile/Mobile Broadband contract?
Youll need a credit card or debit card to pay for any one-off charges, such as the cost of your phone, SIM card or accessories. And an email address to set up your online service. Youll be paying by Direct Debit, so you'll also need your bank details.
All contracts are subject to our terms and a credit check.


This is ONLY of any benefit to Arsenal fans who will be signing up to o2 Access ie get £40 to spend at the shop instead of £25 cashback at Quidco currently.

Previous posted by someone who mistakenly thought you could get this AS WELL AS cashback referral whereas the o2 website is totally explicit in the T&Cs that you CAN NOT.

If able to get the o2 LLU packages - Std/Prem/Pro - then best to go via Quidco (until midnight tonight) or TopCashBack (until ?) and blag £50/£75/£100 respectively as reported in no-end of repeated/spammed postings here over the last 2.5 weeks (though better people know than not know).

More info at

And for most recent time this Arsenal shop credit was raised here (just 2 weeks ago)

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