400GB 2.5 inch Internal SATA Hard Drive (PS3 Compatible) £17.99 @ Play

400GB 2.5 inch Internal SATA Hard Drive (PS3 Compatible) £17.99 @ Play

Found 28th Jul 2010Made hot 28th Jul 2010
Western Digital (WD) Scorpio Blue WD4000BEVT 400GB 2.5 inch Internal SATA Hard Drive (Sony Playstation PS3 Compatible)

- Mallinersha


So tempted by this!!!

that is smokin hot.

Wow that's not bad. Unless I am missing something.

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£17.99 Delivered, just ordered mine, thats a mental price!

Plenty of storage space for all your legal movies and p0rn images......

Can also be used in a ps3 or laptop


If i hadn't just bought an external I would buy this and a case and its pretty much the same or cheaper. Good deal.

Crazy price, just bought two.

just bought two.

Just bought one, great find my 250GB ps3 HDD cost me about £50 a year ago thanks!


Hot ..

Ordered 2. Don't even have an immediate use but can go in my external cases or in my netbook maybe.

£17.99 is cracking price.

this has gotta be the deal of the day

Nearly burnt myself ordering them. LOL!

Hope this isn't a mistake. Best is around £62 elsewhere

Google Shopping

Dont forget you can get a huge 0.6% cashback from topcashback, which equates to 9p lol

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i wish i was getting commission on this one!

Donations would be nice



Thanks ordered this a very good deal

nice :-)

Ordered one, but this is so not gonna be honoured.

Ordered thats an amazing price

Ordered - thanks ;-)

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Hopefully as i ordered first mine has been dropped in the mail already.

Good luck everyone

thanks mate, fingers crossed.

brilliant price

Been rude not to order.

Ordered one, see what happens. Will be smokin' hot deal if play.com deliver.

**** me this is an awesome deal.


bargain ordered some :-)))

im a laptop repair technician, and this is better much much better than my trade price that i buy them for.

Thanks, they cancelled my orders for another hard drive last week saying … Thanks, they cancelled my orders for another hard drive last week saying it was out of stock when I ordered even though it wasn't so I complained and got a £10 voucher so just used it and got this for £7.99!!

Chances are you might get another voucher.

Ordered but not holding my breath on this one.

wow, very good price, ive been after one for ages after getting playTV
thanks OP! i love you


Hot. Thanks.

Took a punt.

Ordered, bet it isn't honoured

I don't need one.... hmm : )

(He who hmm's misses the deal)
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Snowballs chance in hell but you've got to be in it and all that :P


thanks ordered 1000

Ordered but surely will be cancelled. Normally sell the 320gb for £35-40.
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