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400gms Jelly Stones (Gourmet Jelly Beans) Home and Bargain - 99p - Instore only
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400gms Jelly Stones (Gourmet Jelly Beans) Home and Bargain - 99p - Instore only

Posted 21st Jun 2009

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

400gms Jelly Stones - Gourmet Jelly Beans

(Jelly Belly Misshapes)

99% sure they are misshapen Jelly Bellys - all flavours - coffee ones are yummy

stuck together ones
- wacky shapes
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Jelly Belly miss-shapes are called Belly Flopps.

I would guess these are just miss-shape Gourmet Jelly beans which are the cheap UK copy of Jelly Belly!! NOT the same, NOT as good! ;-) be warned :-)
Home Bargains has been selling these in tubes for ages for 99p, jelly beans, they are yum but not sure if they are the same ones you describe? The ones I buy are in a clear tube with a red lid.
Are these actual Jelly Belly though as I could swear, I thought their rejects were called something else.
If there are send me some so I can eat them and keep my jelly belly vending machine full of the "good" ones :oops:
These aren't jelly bellies, but are nice all the same.

I use to eat loads of these!

If you look in the tub,make sure you get ones without loads of grey beans in, as they are awful!!

I have to admit the white coconut ones are nice and so are the cinnamon ones.

But for 99p they are lovely,just don't eat too many as you get a huge sugar/additive rush. (or at least I used to!)
mmmmm, I love jelly beans!
They are the miss-shapes of the tube (red lid) ones, got some few weeks ago and checked where they are packed and the details are the same on both the tube and tub, same taste (lovely!) just loads more for your money!!

"Gourmet" jelly beans????
thanks holly, like the new avatar :thumbsup:
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I can confirm these are the Jelly Bean Factory ones that are usually just stuck together, which make it even better because when you find one of the flavour you're after there are two there!

Was meaning to post these a while back but was to busy chewing. Absolute steal at 99p for 400g

[image missing]

forgot to say - suitable for vegetarians too - got a veggie daughter - so she was happy:-D

and yes - they are in a tub - cant tell you details as my girls have hidden them from me:w00t:
If you like the cinnamon flavoured ones, why not just get a box of hot tamales? Otherwise very very very good find

EDIT: Just bought a tub and i can confirm it does say Aran Candy on it. Also it has a long date on it (09/10) which is surprising for a product bought at home bargains. TY OP!!!!
i love the black ones - aniseed
blue ones - mint
and the orange ones - pineapple
Tasted these for the first time, they're lovely an a canny believe they're only 99p x
Never liked jellybeans or anything like it. but when I was pregnant I was craving them, bought a tub and fell in love with them. very very tasty for the price, can tell the difference between all flavours, My favourite are the blue/grey, white and green. spend more time finding a tub with more of them colours in then I do eating them. they are too moreish.
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