400ml Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Shampoo 3 for £10 @ Tesco

400ml Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Shampoo 3 for £10 @ Tesco

Found 9th Feb 2015
This one is NEVER on offer - it is for severe flaking.
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Has Selenium Sulphide in it

I Have tried Tgel & Nizoral both did not work for me ( Both Don't have Selenium Sulphide in them )

Started to use Selsun Shampoo has 2.5% but costs £5.50 for 150ml @ Boots ( but have seen smaller sizes on ebay ) Great
Now using Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Shampoo also does the job, bottle size is 400 ml
Can be found in tesco extra stores for £4.99 or at the moment 3 for £10

Good for Seborrheic dermatitis which is essentially a more intense or extreme form of dandruff.

What is seborrheic dermatitis?
It’s a skin disorder that affects areas of the body where sebum (scalp/body oil) is produced, including the scalp, face, and sometimes upper torso. It causes scaly, flaky, itchy, red skin.

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good deal voted hot,thanks
Il give it a go. Like others I've tried lots of different products and they don't touch the seborrheic dermatitis.

Hot from me.
Be quick, spoken to manufacturers and they are to stop making it....
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