40prints FREE @ TruPrint
40prints FREE @ TruPrint

40prints FREE @ TruPrint

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I've edited the URL, it should give you 40 instead of 20 free prints now!
- chuichi


It only came up with 20 for me, oh well better than nothing! thanks

only 20 when I looked at link too

Original Poster

Oh dear...they must've changed it so quickly...sorry about that :thinking:

Original Poster

This is just too bad, cuz I've just logged into my account and it still says 40 free prints:


Strange, I only got 20, and had to pay P&P but to be fair for 99p for 20 photo's who cares.

Original Poster

Sorry, didn't give you guys the correct URL to start off with. It should work fine now!

thanks works perfect now
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