42 All-Time Classics - Nintendo DS / DSi and DS Lite - £1.49 Preowned @ GAME

42 All-Time Classics - Nintendo DS / DSi and DS Lite - £1.49 Preowned @ GAME

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42 All-Time Classics Product Details

42 All-Time Classics brings all the best-loved card, board and parlour games to Nintendo DS for anyone to play; with simple touch screen control and a multiplayer mode that pits your skills against players across the world!
With no boards to set up or cards to deal out, you can get straight into the action in seconds and play more than 40 gaming favourites - from draughts to darts, poker to bridge, and backgammon to billiards - with simple touch screen control.

You can play solo or challenge up to seven friends by sharing one game card. And if you don't have anyone to play with, simply log on to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and find opponents across Europe or in the US. You can even chat to each other, PictoChat-style, while you play!

•Includes 42 classic games such as chess, draughts, darts, poker, backgammon, bridge, billiards and bowling
•All games are easy to play with touch screen and stylus control
•Beginners can refer to the rules at the push of a button
•Various difficulty levels give experts an added challenge
•Challenge up to seven friends locally via Multi-Card Play or DS Download Play
•Play against up to seven opponents across Europe and in the US via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
•Part of the Touch! Generations range of unique Nintendo DS titles


This is quite a good little game for £1.49.

Good price for a spare box, let alone a game!

Looks boring but I've probably played this game more than any other on my old ds. Don't hesitate to buy.


Absolutely loved this game back in the day, scary to think that it's almost been a decade since it was released!

Does it have mario?
No, great I only get Nintendo for these types of games

Mario sucks

Out of stock

Man, this game. On the face of it, it's a pretty naff package of games, with some of the most cheesy music I've heard and some even more questionable games (I'm thinking the one where you take turns shaking a bottle of fizzy drink against computer players...).

But that all said, I will forever have a soft spot for this collection of games (and it's music) and the many hours it helped me put off doing more meaningful stuff while at Uni.

I never quite understood the Koi Koi card game, but man did I love it!

This is well worth the money.
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