42 inch  ACER AT4220 LCD Television - £509.80 @ pixmania

42 inch ACER AT4220 LCD Television - £509.80 @ pixmania

Found 17th Aug 2007
£509 plus delivery
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With the AT4220 42 LCD screen from Acer, youll get High Definition images and cinema-quality sound watching your favourite films and TV programmes on a big screen!
The HD ready AT4220 has a modern design and offers high resolution and contrast ratios for crisp, clear images, as well as built-in Nicam Stereo sound to plunge you right into the heart of the action.
The AT4220 is designed to function with other High Definition devices thanks to its dual HDMI imput. It can even serve as a top-of-the-line monitor for your PC via the VGA input.
The AT4220 42 LCD television combines amazing visual and sound quality with user-friendliness so you can enjoy High Definition in style.
Screen Format 16:9 Image ratio (width/height). There are 2 formats. The traditional 4:3 format and the 16:9 format. The 4:3 format can be used for all programmes whereas the 16:9 is more specifically designed for use in home cinema systems.
Screen size 42" (107 cm) The size of the screen is measured diagonally and often shown in inches (1 inch equals 2.54cm). The higher this value, the larger the screen. For maximum comfort, the distance between the user and the television should be 3 times the diagonal size of the screen.
Brightness (in cd/m²) 500 nits Brightness is measured in cd/m² and it corresponds to the brilliance of white tones. The higher this value, the brighter and more natural the image.
Contrast 1200:1 Contrast is the difference between the brightest white tone and darkest black tone on the LCD screen. A contrast rate of 1500:1 for example indicates that the clearest image is 1,500 times brighter than the darkest. The higher this value, the higher the contrast rate.
Response time (in ms) 8 The repsonse time is the time required (in miliseconds) for the pixels which compose the screen, to switch from one colour to the other. The lower this time, the clearer and sharper the image. A slow response time provokes an afterglow effect (light lag) in quick scene display. For plasma screens, the value of the response time is insignificant as it is limited by the speed of the video processor.
Resolution (horizontal x vertical - in pixels) 1366 x 768 The resolution indicates the number of pixels that make up the screen, both horizontally and vertically. The higher this number of pixels, the finer and clearer the image.
Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical - in°) 178/178
The viewing angle (in degrees) determines the maximum angle from which the image on the screen can be seen correctly. The higher this value, the further away you can be to view the screen's image correctly.
Audio Audio Power 10 W
Determined in Watts, the sound power delivered by the speakers of your screen.
Noise reduction No Whether its sound or images, noise constitutes a parasite signal that reduces the quality of the final signal. On the screen, it is present in the form of small luminous granules.
Mono/Stereo Sound Nicam/A2 stereo sound Indicates the type of sound delivered by the loudspeakers of your television
Speakers Yes
Connectivity Connectivity 2 HDMI
2 scart
VGA input
PC audio input Indicates the range of audio and/or video outputs and inputs available. This is important to note if you wish to build your own system using numerous appliances (DVD player, video recorder, etc)
SCART connectors 2 The scart socket is a wide spread jack that enables you to transmit a video signal in composite, S-video or RVB format as well as an audio signal in both directions. This connectivity is therefore really versatile and allows you to connect a large range of screen accessories.
DVI Input No A DVI input (for a Digital Video Interface)
transmits a digital video signal without using the analogue jack. It thus enables you to transmit signals without losing in quality. Generally speaking, it can be used to connect devices to a computer of DVD compatible player.
HDMI Input 2 The HDMI input (for a High Definiton Multimedia Interface) eventually replaces the scart socket. It allows for the transmission of high quality digital audio/video signals.
PC Input Yes The PC (VGA) input enables you to connect your computer to your television without needing to use a VGA adapter.
Audio output No Indicates the transmission possibilities of a television's audio signal to an external device. The headset socket is the most wide spread and it allows you to enjoy your favourite programmes without disturbing others around you. It is extremely useful for those who have hearing difficulties.
Tuner Standard PAL / SECAM
B / G / D / K / I / L
Indicates the reception standards of the tuner(s) built-in your television.
Double Tuner No The presence of the double tuner is really handy when you want to watch 2 programmes at the same time. By using the Picture in Picture mode, you can follow one programme while keeping an eye on the other which will appear in a second window.
Functions TV text Yes Teletext is a program, in text format, that is diffused at the same time as visual programmes on the television. It comes with many features, including current affairs information, a programme guide and even subtitles for TV programmes. Please note that Teletext is not available in some countries.
Other functions HD ready
General Remote control Yes
Accessories supplied Remote control, power supply
Manual English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch
Dimensions (mm) 1,071 x 794 x 311
Indicates the size of the LCD screen, with or without stand.
Weight (kg) 32.3


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Blacklion :- Pls dont create merchants without checking first :)This is a … Blacklion :- Pls dont create merchants without checking first :)This is a Pixmania offer and should be posted under Pixmania deals...Check this thread for help with posting deals

Ops sorry mod im new with posting

with a 42" screen you'd be better going for a plasma IMHO.

is this a good tele


is this a good tele

not great, I'd want 1080p at that size, this is only 768p


is this a good tele

Not sure about the TV, the retailer isn't the best out there.
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