42" widescreen flat TV Digital Crystal Clear (REFURBISHED)

42" widescreen flat TV Digital Crystal Clear (REFURBISHED)

Found 27th Mar 2008
Not sure if this is good deal, but it is kind cheap for 42" TV!

What is a "Clearance Product"?

Clearance products are unopened and unused. We may stock them as a result of excess quantities or as the result of cancelled orders. Please be aware that the outer carton may be marked or have minor damage.

All products listed as Clearance on the Philips Online Shop carry a full warranty.

Vivid, natural and razor sharp images
* Enhanced-definition plasma WVGA display, 852x480p
* Digital Crystal Clear provides vivid cinema-like images
* 3D combfilter separates colors for a razor-sharp image
* Active Control optimizes picture quality whatever the source
* Progressive Scan component video for optimized image quality

Superb sound reproduction
* Virtual Dolby Surround for a cinema-like audio experience

Slim, stylish design to complement your interior
* Compact and slim design that fits in every room

Designed for your convenience
* Turn your TV screen into a mosaic of different channels


FYI Refurbished model

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Yes it is.


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Is that real bad?:?


Is that real bad?:?

it means its not a HDTV, must be at least 720p for HD, or 1080p for "full" HD

This Philips 42PF5321 is a Plasma Television which has a display resolution of 85 480 pixels. This model is an EDTV-Ready Television TV with 2 x 15 watt speakers. The 42PF5321 includes a Built-in Tuner.

+ Picture-in-Picture Feature.
+ Wide viewing angle
+ Speaker power
+ Rear HDMI Input.

- Low Pixel Resolution.
Key Spec
7, 1100 cd/m² Brightness, EDTV Ready Television, 42 inch Display, Plasma Television

poor sorry mate..!

ok so its not hd but apart from that will I notice a bad quality picture? Ive been looking for a cheap large screen and it looks like a good deal to me. (although im not to technical with tvs)

it depends on how big you want a screen as there a few 37" HD LCDs for around a similar price. I would personally recommend NOT getting this a either get a smaller HDTV (if this is your budget) or spend a bit more on a TV that will last alot longer (technology wise)

pathetic, hideous and useless...guess what im going to vote it?

also, why do people care if the deal they found is voted cold? get a life! come on, if people out there feel it isnt a good deal, just get over it! this is a website, not your life!
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