4+4 free 4 finger Kit Kat £1.00 @ Tesco
4+4 free 4 finger Kit Kat £1.00 @ Tesco

4+4 free 4 finger Kit Kat £1.00 @ Tesco

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8 x 4 fingered Kit Kats for a quid. Shelf ticket said £1.55 but scanned at just a quid. Sorry if it's been posted before, but I saw it this morning in Tesco express Radcliffe. Could be national, but I have no idea to be honest.

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Good price.
Have a break, have a kit kat

Bargain - just bought for £1.60ish in Iceland and thought that was ok!

Only 4pk in my local express, sel said, was £1.55 now £1

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Only 4pk in my local express, sel said, was £1.55 now £1

They had the normal 4 pack reduced to £1 and the 4+4 free was still marked at £1.55. I thought it was cheap as that made the extra 4 only 55p, but it scanned at £1 so i thought it was a bargain!

Is this only available in express stores?

Voted cold until I can get in-store and fill my sport trolley up. Only joking.

Just bear in mind these aren't upgradeable to Android L. Eight x quad finger, even Samsung can't do that. These must be Chinese.

Tesco Extra certainly had these at reduced to £1 a few weeks ago. Obviously the stock disappeared within a day to be replaced by standard 4 packs. Great IF you can find any still on the shelves.
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Worth stocking up at this price, Heated.

This is part of the kit lay chunky deal a few weeks ago as these were available for the same price. My friend in tesco said the stores over the next few months with get random amounts in so catch the right store at the right time to be quids in.

i always get confused with the kitkat finger situation

Store specific - waste of time

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Store specific - waste of time

Personally I wouldn't waste my time going all the way to Tesco just to save a pound or 2 on Kit Kats even if it was guaranteed to be in every store, but if you happen to be going to Tesco anyway, then wasting a few seconds to see if you're actually in one of the lucky 'specific' stores isn't going to hurt is it?

There's loads in derby stenson road Tesco. Just got one pack.
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