440 Typhoo Teabags for £3.99 @ Lidl

440 Typhoo Teabags for £3.99 @ Lidl

Found 19th Sep 2017
Not the strongest but under a penny a bag!
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As hot as the cuppa I just made...
Good price.

Shame though as I don't like tea, I like gin.
Good price if these are the normal bags last time my local lidl had them on offer they were the one cup ones
This is the worst tea ive tasted!
These are the one cup bags.
Typhoo's OK-ish. But not what I'd buy usually. Yorkshire Teabags, but mainly Twinings English Breakfast.
The cheapies aren't worth using with ALL Morrisons Teabags, especially the so-called "executive" ones are atrocious. Avoid Morrisons teabags and pretty much everything (apart from their soups) Even Lidl's mown brand are better than Morrisons own brand top teabags (and Lidl's are poor) Whoops got off subject there.
Typhoos OK but prefer to spend a little more for a make with more taste
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