4400 - Season 1, 2 & 3  [DVD] £4.95 each @Zavvi

4400 - Season 1, 2 & 3 [DVD] £4.95 each @Zavvi

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Out of stock but they say they'll send it in Mega Monday deal. Don't forget Walkers and Quidco. Next cheapest £29.99. Worth a punt.

Over one year ago, thousands of missing people returned. Slowly, they begin to manifest stranger powers - to heal and to destroy, to alter the present and to perceive the future. As it becomes clear that their gifts could reshape the world ... the struggle for control begins. Who will decide the fate of humanity? Explore the mysteries that have gripped millions as the next chapter unfolds.

Wake-up Call Part 1 and Part 2.
Voices Carry
Weight of the World.

Suffer the Children
As Fate Would Have It
Life Interrupted


The Fifth Page
Mommy's Bosses


season one and three same price too

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season one and three same price too

Didn't see them, thanks.

series 1
series 3

Much better than Heroes before Heroes was on, better than this new The Event trollop they are bigging up, and was canceled in it's prime. Great Show.

Looks like you can grab all 4 seasons for around £20 with a Walkers code - would recommended it!

Yep great series, shame it got cancelled

season 1 is £9.85

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season 1 is £9.85

Link (and added to basket) still shows £4.95 to me.

Loved this show, shame it got canned but at least it never got crap.

Was this series any good? I watched the first few eps then it descended into all plot talky.

It's by the same creator as The Event and A Town Called Eureka.

The Event is way better though.

Brilliant series. Shame season 4 isn't included.

For anyone interested, there are 2 books that carry on the story from the end of season 4 (welcome to promise city and promises broken). These deal more with jordans takeover of seattle, promicin weapons, the war between the US and promise city and the marked. I got em for a fiver each from amazon. Theres also a book set during the series called wet work which is quite good, vesuvius project ain't too hot though.

I liked he two investigators, they were pretty good actors. I always thought this show had an unusual amount of depth and was definitely above average.

Nice spot

Started very well and you can clearly see where Heroes 'borrowed' a lot of its ideas from. I don't know though, for some reason I really hated series 3 and 4. It just seemed to get more and more ridiculous the longer it went on, in my opinion!

Good prices though OP


Started very well and you can clearly see where Heroes 'borrowed' a lot … Started very well and you can clearly see where Heroes 'borrowed' a lot of its ideas from.

The X-Men comics.

Cheers op. Heat added. Got series 3 and 4 (series 4 is only 6.93).

sorry for stupid question but is "walkers code"?

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sorry for stupid question but is "walkers code"?thanks

linky Follow instructions on their site. But not used it myself so can't talk you through it.
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